TV Commercials of the 70's and 80's

Here are some listings of my seventies and eighties commercial compilations culled from the thousands in my collection. I'm always open to trades (VHS and DVD)--but if you have nothing to trade, email me anyway (pgsaur at frontier dot com OR hugo1000faces at gmail dot com) if you are interested in anything here!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Celebrity Commercial Appearances

Here's a partial (!?) listing of celebrities appearing in my commercial collection. (VO means they're only heard as a voiceover or singer, and a question mark means I'm not 100% certain it's who I think it is.) Yeah, some of these folks are pretty damn obscure, but somebody loves them, right? For some, I'll make a little note, but mostly I just think to myself, "Come on, folks remember Karen Austin from 'The Quest' in the early 80's, right?" For a lot of them, I want to write "You'd know 'em if you saw 'em." Ignore the alphanumerics after each product--that's just so I can find the ad quickly if someone wants it. Video and audio quality run the gamut, but if something's really bad, I try to avoid it. If you spot a factual error, please let me know...

Adams, Don -- Aurora Derby c14 / Aurora Skittle games, mult ads, c27

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet -- Aunt Jemima c23 / Coca Cola c23 / Hotpoint c23 / Aunt Jemima, 2 ads, c24 / Kodak, 2 ads, c24 / Hotpoint c24 /

Aiello, Danny -- Clean Up NY PSA VO c6

Alaskey, Joe -- Hill's toys c4

Alberghetti, Anna Maria -- Maruchan c 4

Albert, Eddie -- National Wildlife Federation PSA c16

Ali, Muhammad -- D-Con c6 / D-Con, mult ads c14 / TVN Enterprises c32 [Ali at his nuttiest. Hilarious.]

Ali, Tatyana -- Pound Puppies c12 / Crest t5

Allen, Debbie -- Hardee's c23 / Bell Phones c61

Allen, Mark (Iron Man) -- Pro-Grain Cereal c16

Allen. Mel -- Bat-Away VO c2 / Rolaids (Relief Man Award) c6

Allen, Nancy -- JC Penney c11

Allen, Peter -- WPIX-FM c2 / same c6 / WCBS Christmas wishes c7 / Night of 100 Stars II tc12

Allen, Steve -- TV Guide '86 c17

Alt, Carol -- Diet Sprite c20 / Cover Girl t2 / Cover Girl t5

Altman, Jeff -- Right Guard c59 / Arby's t5 / Kentucky Fried Chicken tc12

Anderson, Harry -- GE c1

Anderson, Melissa Sue -- Snoopy Toothbrush c26 / ST, slightly diff. c57

Andy Griffith Show -- Gainesburger c21 / Maxwell House c21

Ant, Adam -- MTV c14

Anthony, Earl (bowler) -- Ebonite Bowling Balls c7 [He's seen walking amongst giant balls. Would I lie to you?]

Archer, Beverly -- Honey Smacks c18 / same c30

Arizzi, Rocky (MD Poster Child) -- McDonald's c3

Armstrong, Neil -- Chrysler Dodge Plymouth c12

Ashe, Arthur -- Montclair Water c9 / AMF Head c21

Asner, Ed -- RIF PSA (#?)

Austin, Karen -- Oster Sandwich Grill c6

Austin, Tracy -- Knudsen Yogurt c9

Average White Band -- Schlitz Malt Liquor c6

Ayres, Leah -- Burger King c5 / Darcy doll c5

Bacall, Lauren -- High Point Coffee c9 / Fortunoff c14 / High Point '83 c20

Bailey, Pearl -- White Westinghouse c2 / Duncan Hines c17

Baio, Scott -- Dr Pepper c8 / same sg11

Baker, Greg (OR MDA Poster Child) -- Superskate event sg12

Bakula, Scott -- Ronzoni c20

Ball, Lucille -- Body Language game c9 / same c14

Baltimore Celebrities -- McDonald's "McHappy Day" 4/27/80: Wild Bill Hagy, Laura Charles, Fred Cook and Joe Ehrmann (Colts "Sack Pack"), Colts announcer Vince Bagley, Mayor William Donald Schaefer, Father Gainey? c3

Barbour, John -- Michelob c21

Barnstable, Cyd and Trish -- Doublemint Gum sg12 [They were also on "Quark."]

Barrymore, Drew -- Northern c7

Barth, Eddie -- Hefty c9 / Hall's c59

Barty, Billy -- Spellbound game c25

Bates, Rhonda -- Great Moves game c25

Bavier, Frances -- see Andy Griffith Show

Baxter-Birney, Meredith -- Clairol Condition t2 / Timemaker Personal Organizer '85 t4

Baylor, Don (Angels) -- In-n-Out Burger c14

Beastie Boys -- MTV Spring Break contest '87 t2

Beatty, Ned -- Will Rogers Institute c17

Bell, Vanessa -- McDonald's tc8

Benatar, Pat -- MTV c14

Bench, Johnny -- Krylon c11 [He paints--what else?--his bench.]  / Yellow Pages c11 [At his restaurant.]

Benson, Robby -- Gatorade c14

Bergen, Candice -- US Sprint t2

Bergen, Polly -- Pepsi, mult ads, c28

Bernard, Crystal -- Pepsi Free tc12

Berra, Yogi -- Yoo Hoo c1 / WABC-AM c2 / GE c12

Berry, Fred -- Great Moves game c25 [You know, Rerun from "What's Happening!"]

Besch, Bibi -- Monvelle c32

Bewitched -- Quaker Instant Oatmeal c24

Billingsley, Barbara -- McDonald's (as June Cleaver) tc9

Billingsley, Peter -- McDonald's Calendar c3 / Longacre Franks c4 / Dial Santa c5 / Lifesavers c12 / Curad c14 / Hershey's (as Messy Marvin) c16 / Darth Vader Case c29

Bird, Larry -- Chardon jeans c7 [Playing a video game at the arcade.]

Bishop, Joey -- Bally's c10 [With the infamous Roy Radin.]

Black, Jay -- Greatest Hits LP c9 [He stands there in his baby blue satin jacket, belting his hits.]

Black, Page Morton -- Chock Full o' Nuts c10 [Hanging with Pinocchio.]

Blackstone, Harry -- Blackstone show c6 [The last two lines of Blackstone's song is cut off for a WNEW ticket promo.]

Blackwood, Nina -- Pringles '86 t2

Blanchard, Susan -- No Nonsense '78 c61 / No Nonsense sg1 / No Nonsense '80 sg4 / No Nonsense sg7

Blanda, George -- NP27 foot spray c22

Bledsoe, Tempest -- PTA PSA c17

Bleeth, Yasmine -- Atari  5200 c1

Bloom, Anne -- Charmin c5

Bluh, Alison -- Willowbrook Nissan, singing the blues tc11 (I have her singing "Have I got a deal for you!" in another spot somewhere...)

Boggs, Bill -- Big Apple Minute '80 (sea port) c5 / BAM '80 (Little Italy) c8

Bohrer, Corinne -- M Network video games sg12

Bolton, Michael -- Stanley Doors VO? tc13

Bonner, Frank -- Dawn c23 [Herb from "WKRP."]

Bonsall, Brian -- Coca-Cola tc9

Bosley, Tom -- Glad c17 / Glad-Lock t4

Bowie, David -- MTV c20

Bradshaw, Terry -- Shell '81 c8

Brecker Quadruplets -- Beech-Nut c22

Breslin, Jimmy -- Detroit News c59

Brett, George -- 7 Up c5

Brimley, Wilford -- Quaker Oatmeal t3 / Quaker, mult. ads t5

Brinkley, Christie -- Cover Girl c12 / Prell t1 / Prell t2 / Prell tc10

Brittany, Morgan -- Nair c4 / Ban c11

Brodien, Marshall -- Magic Kit c9

Brody, Adrien -- Hot Pockets? t2 [He started acting around this time, and it's tough to mistake that honker.]

Brothers, Dr. Joyce -- Crack PSA c17 [She's against it.]

Brown, Johnny -- Cool Whip c22 / Vicks c22 [Bookman from "Good Times."]

Brown, Ted -- WNEW-AM c5 [NYC radio guy.]

Brynner, Yul -- The King and I on Broadway tc9

Buktenica, Ray -- Lay's t1

Bulifant, Joyce -- Lovin' Spoonfuls c21 / Lifebuoy c57

Buono, Victor -- Spellbound game? c25

Burghoff, Gary -- IBM, mult. ads t4

Burnett, Carol -- RIF PSA c14

Burns, Litany (clairvoyant) --  Time-Life Enchanted World books tc10

Butkus, Dick -- Wendy's c12

Buttons, Red -- Century Village c10

Burns, George -- Ocean Spray c3

Burns, Jack -- Squibb c22 / Squibb (diff) c23

Bush, George -- '80 Election c1 / '80 Election c2 / For President '80 c8

Camacho, Hector -- NYC Anti-graffiti PSA c6

Cameron, Kirk -- Corn Pops c16 / Fruit Roll-Ups c30 / McDonald's sg5

Capshaw, Kate -- Faberge Organic shampoo c7

Captain Video -- Raisin Bran c25 / Post Tens cereal c25

Cara, Irene -- NYC Anti-graffiti PSA c6 [I have her in a Ford ad too, somewhere...]

Carey, Ron -- Better Cheddars c10 / Vicks c22 / Gaines Biscuits c22 / Honeycomb cereal c25

Carlin, George -- Fuji VHS tapes t4

Carney, Art -- Coca-Cola tc9

Carroll, Jerry (Crazy Eddie) -- 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 16 / 17 / 19 / 68

Carson, Johnny -- Jell-o c24

Carter, Gary (Mets) -- 7 Up c10 / Pringles '86 t2

Carter, Jimmy -- re-elect '80 sg3

Carteris, Gabrielle -- Facts of Life promo c16

Cartwright, Angela -- Lady Schick Speed Styler c32 / see Make Room For Daddy

Carvel, Tom -- Carvel (duh) as turkey voice! tc10/ Carvel VO, flying saucers tc12

Casper, Dave -- Right Guard c59

Cates, Phoebe -- Oxywash c9

Catlett, Mary Jo -- Prudential c12 / Sears Ahh Bra c57

Chadwick, John and Susie -- Clairol (Glemby Salons) c23

Chaffee, Suzy -- Girl Scouts c12

Chambers, Marilyn -- Youth Project anti-drug PSA? c32 [I'm about 99 and 44/100ths % certain it's her.]

Charles, Ray -- Maxwell House VO '81 c10 / MH c12

Cher -- Jack LaLanne t2 / Uninhibited perfume tc9

Chicago White Sox -- c11 [Fans singing "Na Na Na Hey Hey." Or whatever the hell that song's called.]

Chinaglia, Giorgio (Cosmos soccer) -- Safe Car Dealer c10

Chong, Rae Dawn -- Nair c4 / Soft 'n Dri c59

Christine, Virginia (Mrs. Olson, Folger's) -- (poor quality) c23 / saves a hostess c24 / c32 / charades sg11

Christopher, Dennis -- Burger King c1

Clark, Dick -- Columbia House, mult ads sg3

Cody, Iron Eyes -- Keep America Beautiful PSA c32

Colantoni, Enrico -- Meals on Wheels PSA c18

Coleman, Gary -- Kidney Foundation PSA c10

Collins, Joan -- Canada Dry tc10

Collins, Joe (Yankees) -- Camel c22

Collins, Stephen -- Folger's c32

Conaway, Jeff -- Almond Joy c25

Conner, Dennis (yachtsman) -- US Coast Guard tc8

Connolly, Kevin -- Matchbox Car Wash c1

Conrad, Pete (astronaut) -- Nikon c63

Conrad, Robert -- Eveready c11

Conreid, Hans -- Pepsi c28

Coogan, Keith -- Charmin c5 / Sugar Smacks c9

Cooksey, Danny -- Kid's Point of View t2

Corbett, John -- Faberge Organics t4

Cort, Bud -- Chiffon margarine c22

Cosby, Bill -- Coke c14 / Crest c22 / Crest (as Tooth Decay) c23 / Kodak tc9

Courter, Jim -- For NJ Congress c69

Cousey, Bob (Celtics) -- FL OJ c21

Cox, Courteney -- Dimension Shampoo c12

Cramer, Floyd -- 

Cramer, Jack -- FL Orange Juice c21

Cranston, Bryan -- Tootsie Rolls? t2 / Michelob t14 / Preparation H t19 / Good Seasons (really shaking it up!) t20 / Shield soap (dressed as a skunk!) t20 / PS Gitano Jeans t24

Crenshaw, Ben -- Canon c11

Crosby, Cathy Lee -- VO5 Shampoo c55 [As "Cathy Crosby."]

Crosby, Norm -- Natural Light c59

Crowley, Pat -- House of Almonds t1

Dangerfield, Rodney -- Lite c14

Daniels, William -- Buckle Up DoT PSA (VO, as Knight Rider's KITT) tc9

Danza, Tony -- UCP PSA c16 / Diet Rite tc5 / Diet Rite tc8

Davis, Ann B. -- Miracle White (as Schultzie) c1 / Shake n' Bake (slyly suggesting she's Alice) c10

Davis, Mark (Phillies) -- Phillies Franks c8

Davis Jr., Sammy -- Alka-Seltzer c3 / Canada Dry c14 / Alka-Seltzer c64 / AIDS awareness PSA, Episcopal Church tc10

Dawber, Pam -- Underalls c4 / Cascade c14

Dean, Jimmy -- Jimmy Dean Sausage, 2 ads t2

DeForest, Calvert (see Melman, Larry "Bud")

DeGeneres, Ellen -- Popeye's '83 c10

DeHaven, Gloria -- That's My Color! c23

DeLuise, Dom -- NCR c2

Demas, Carole -- Children's Tylenol c7 / Bufferin t4 / see Magic Garden

Denver, Bob -- McDonald's (as Gilligan) tc

De Shields, Andre -- Hunger PSA, WABC tc12

Deutsch, Patti -- Charmin c5 / Prudential c8

Diehl, John -- Raisin Bran? sg1 ["Miami Vice" co-star.]

DiMaggio, Joe -- The Bowery Bank c8

Dole, Elizabeth -- Seatbelt PSA tc10

Dooley, Paul -- NCR c2 / Sara Lee c21

Drier, Moosie -- Astroblast Power Center c26 [70's kid actor.]

Duffy, Julia -- Hardee's? c24

Duffy, Karen "Duff" -- Salon Selectives t2

Duncan, Sandy -- Skinny Dip cologne c56

Duran, Roberto -- 7 Up (w/son) '80 sg2

Duvall, Shelley -- Library of Congress PSA c17

Dysart, Richard -- Higbee's Xmas tc9

Dzundza, George -- Safeguard c62

E.T. -- Special Olympics PSA c18 [Okay, not technically a celeb, but he does play himself.]

Earth, Wind & Fire -- Panasonic sg5 [They strut out of a giant boombox. Just as I'd expect them to.]

Easton, Sheena -- WPIX-FM c20 / WPIX (diff?) tc12

Ebert, Roger -- At the Movies promo tc12

Ebsen, Buddy -- McDonald's (as Jed Clampett) tc9

Eccles, Ted -- McDonald's '65 c14

Eilbacher, Lisa -- Pepsi Light c14

Eisenmann, Ike -- Radio Shack c4 / McDonald's '73 c35 / Doublemint Gum sg11

Elfman, Jenna -- Prego??? c67 [Very young if it's her--I believe she got into acting at an early age but this one's pretty iffy...]

Elias, Alix -- Maxwell House c21

Elliot, Bob -- American Express c11 / Piels c21

Elliot, Chris -- Smith Bros. Cough Drops? c7 [Looks like him, mannerisms like him...]

Ellis, Merle -- Omaha Steaks tc9

Emberg, Kelly -- Palais Royal c2 / Flemington Furs c69 / FF (same?) t2

Emery, Ralph -- Country LP's t4

Englund, Robert -- Freddy's Nightmares (as Freddy Krueger) t2

Erving, Julius "Dr. J" -- Chapstick c9 / BSA Anti-drug PSA c16

Eubanks, Bob -- Hollywood Christmas Parade '80 sg5

Evans, Dale -- Seven Seas dressings c57

Evans, Linda -- Crystal Light '84 c12 / Cocaine PSA t1

Evans, Monica -- Avis c23 [The Pigeon Sister who wasn't Carole Shelley.]

Farber, Barry -- Virex c23 /Virex  c24

Faustino, David -- Prunes c3 / Bactine '80 c8 / Coke? sg4

Fawcett-Majors, Farrah -- Farrah Shampoo c4 / Lady Schick Speed Styler c32

Feldman, Corey -- Milk Mate '80 c5

Fender, Freddy -- WHN 1050 c1

Fenneman, George -- Schick c21

Ferragamo, Vince -- Sasson c4

Ferrare, Christina -- Body on Tap sg1 / same sg4

Fields, Kim -- Kraft BBQ Sauce c11

Finkel, Fyvush -- NJ Lottery tc10

Fiore, Bill -- AMF c22

Fisk, Carlton -- Copenhagen c1

Fitzgerald, Ella -- Memorex c12

Fitzmaurice, Mike -- Wheaties c24

Flagg, Fannie -- Bird's Eye pudding c22 / Sanka c57

Fleming, Peggy -- Trident c10 / Trident sg6

Flowers, Waylon (& Madame) -- FGS c2 [Really only Madame, for car insurance or something.]

Fonda, Henry -- Department of the Treasury Anti-drug Trafficking PSA c32

Ford, Doug (golfer) -- FL OJ c21

Forster, Terry -- Sports Illustrated c17

Forsythe, John -- Michelob (holidays) c3 / Michelob Light VO c11 / HEW  PSA VO c11 / Fathers PSA c32 / Cope tension pills c55 / Michelob VO, mult ads c59

Foster, Jodie -- McDonald's '72 c35

Fox, Huckleberry -- Howard Johnson c10 / Hershey New Trail c20

Fox, Michael J. -- Cocaine PSA c16 / Pepsi c17

Francis, Arlene -- Phillips c55

Francis, Connie -- Hits LP's tc12

Franklin, Bonnie -- Save the Children tc9

Franklin, Diane -- Soft n' Pretty toilet paper c7 / Reese's c12 / same Reese's sg11

Franklin, Tony (place kicker) -- Wheaties c5

Frazier, Clyde -- Pepsi c28

Frazier, Joe -- McDonald's c12

Frazier, Walt -- Natural Light c2

Freeman, Kathleen -- Charmin c22

Friedel, Squire -- Pillsbury c3 / Jovan Musk Oil '78 c5 / Twix '79 c5 / Formula 409 c57 / Toyota '84 tc8 Toyota mult tc9 / Toyota tc10

Fuller, Kurt -- Chrysler t2

Funicello, Annette -- Skippy c12

Furst, Stephen -- Tiffles Chips c9

Fury (TV show) -- Borden c21 / Borden, mult. ads c22 / Borden, mult. ads c25

Galloway, Don -- Gillette Atra c59 / Ocean Spray tc13

Gambling, John -- WOR-AM c1 / Meadowlands Racing c4 [NYC radio guy.]

Garagiola, Joe -- Doan's c23

Garland, Grace -- "Live at the Magic Pan"  c19 [Some soap actress, serving up a heap of overwrought singing.]

Garner, James -- Polaroid, mult ads c59 / Mazda 929 '88 tc8

Garr, Teri -- Yo-Yo's Shoes c3

Garrett, Hank -- Sure c12 / Gillette c21 / Crest c22

Garrison, David -- REd Lobster tc13

Gayle, Crystal -- Bureau of Land Management c6

Geer, Will -- Treetots c3

Gerard, Gil -- Harvey's c21

Getty, J. Paul -- E.F. Hutton c23 [Must be seen to be believed. Comes off more hostage than pitchman. Weird!]

Gibbons, Euell -- Grape-Nuts c25

Gibbs, Marla -- Accent c3

Gielgud, John -- Paul Masson '84 c20

Gifford, Frank -- FL OJ c21 / Planters c21

Gifford, Kathie Lee -- Summit candy bar c2 / Carnival Cruises t1

Gigante, Bob -- For State Senator c4

Gilbert, Melissa -- Noxzema sg11

Gilford, Jack -- Lay's c11

Ginty, Robert -- FTD Florist c61

Glover, Danny -- Miller? c63

Gold, Missy -- Barbie Dream House c12

Goldberg, Whoopi -- At the Lyceum tc12

Goldin, Ricky Paull -- AFX? c2 / Pop Rocks c7 / RC Cola? c17

Goodman, Dody -- Raisin Bran c13

Goodman, John -- Caramello (dubbed voice?) c4 / MCI c12 / York Peppermint Patties sg12

Gorney, Karen Lynn -- Close-Up? c59

Gosselaar, Mark Paul -- Cookie Crisp? c18

Goulding, Ray -- American Express c11 / Piels c21

Gowdy, Curt -- Goodwill Games VO '86 c17

Graubert, Judy -- JC Penney Catalog c11 / Ocusol c22 / Crunch n' Munch c25 / Glad-Lock t4 [Electric Company actress.]

Graves, Peter -- see Fury

Gray, Erin -- Scatter Perm c55

Gray, Linda -- TV Guide tc9

Green, Seth -- Matchbox Car Wash c1 / White Cloud c18

Greene, "Mean" Joe -- Coke c12

Greggains, Joanie -- WKBN Morning Stretch tc8

Gretzky, Wayne -- (w/ son Keith) 7 Up sg7

Grey, Joel -- Meals on Wheels PSA c18

Grier, Roosevelt "Rosey" -- Pringles '86 t2

Griese, Bob -- Screwball game c25

Griffith, Andy -- see Andy Griffith Show

Guillaume, Robert -- Bounce c23 / Ocean Spray tc13

Guttenberg, Steve -- Gleem c13

Hack, Shelley -- JC Penney c11

Hale, Barbara -- Amana microwaves c11

Hall, Jerry -- Sasson c9 / Cella Wines c11

Hamer, Rusty -- see Make Room For Daddy

Hamill, Dorothy -- Ice Capades  [?]

Hamill, Mark -- March of Dimes PSA c61

Hamill, Pete -- New York Daily News tc12

Hamilton, Margaret -- Maxwell House (as Cora) '79 c11 / MH, mult ads c21

Hammett, Susan (witch) -- Time-Life Enchanted World books tc10

Hampton, James -- Solarian Tile c1

Harris, Mel -- Secret c18

Harry, Deborah -- Murjani GV jeans c4

Hart, Roxanne -- American Express c20

Hartley, Mariette -- Polaroid c12 / Polaroid, mult ads c59

Hartman, David -- Good Morning America c11

Hartman, Phil -- Activision Hockey c5

Harvard, Andrew (Everest climber) -- Bayer tc9

Havlichek, John -- YMCA c5

Hayes, Helen -- Home S&L c21

Hayes, Olga (tarot card reader) --  Time-Life Enchanted World books tc10

Haysbert, Dennis -- Mattel Electronic Basketball c7

Hemingway, Margaux -- Babe from Faberge c5

Hemsley, Sherman -- NyQuil c21

Henderson, Florence -- Tang c2 / Sears Optical '80 c8 / Wesson c16 / Klean 'n Shine, mult ads, c21 / Wesson t4

Henning, Doug -- Minolta c3

Hervey, Jason -- Hot Wheels c6 / Hostess? c7 / Fruit Roll-Ups c30

Hines, Gregory -- Sanka t1

Hinnant, Skip -- Sure c12 / Gillette VO c21 / Vicks c22 / Bloo VO c30 / CrossLand Savings tc12 [Electric Company actor.]

Hirsch, Judd -- JC Penney c11

Ho, Don -- Pond's c11

Hobel, Mara -- Busy Puppets c5 / Bryan Meats c8 / Holly Hobbie Day n' Night c10 / Dolly Pops c14 / McDonald's? sg11 [She played Joan Crawford's daughter in "Mommie Dearest."]

Hoffman, Basil -- Gorgeous Creatures dolls c8 / Munchos c57

Hogan, Ben -- AMF [?]

Holder, Geoffrey -- 7 Up c6 / 7 Up sg12 / 7 Up tc9 / Hilton Fontainebleau VO tc12

Holloway, Brian (New England Patriots) -- Alcohol Education PSA tc11

Holloway, Sterling -- Tuneyville Choo-Choo VO? c9

Holm, Celeste -- Young Audiences PSA tc10

Holtzman, Liz -- political ad c20

House, Gerry (Nashville DJ) -- Numerous short spots, some with low audio tc8

Houseman, John -- Puritan Oil c20 / Puritan tc9

Houston, Whitney -- Diet Coke t5

Howard, Ron -- see Andy Griffith Show

Howdy Doody Show -- Rice Krispies c24

Huddleston, David -- Citrus Hill c6 / Citrus Hill tc11

Hunley, Leeann -- Ford c7

Hurst, Rick -- Gatorade c14

Hutton, Lauren -- Ultima c1

Hutton, Timothy -- "Teenage Suicide" show promo c3

Iacocca, Lee -- Chrysler '80 c11 / Chrysler c12 / Plymouth TC3 c14

Idol, Billy -- MTV c20

Imus, Don -- Water Conservation PSA c9 / WNBC shrink c17 / WNBC (w/Stern) c20

Iron Sheik -- WWF Thumb Wrestlers c18

Irons, Jeremy --  Night of 100 Stars II tc12

Isaacson, Peter -- Great Moves game c25

Jack, Wolfman -- Clearasil c3

Jackson, J.J. -- MTV jacket c8

Jackson, Michael -- Pepsi c12 / Pepsi c18 / Pepsi, mult. ads "The Magic Begins" c70

Jackson, Reggie -- Panasonic c10 / Reggie candy bar c61

Jackson, Victoria -- MCI c14

Jacksons -- Pepsi c12 / Pepsi c18

Jacobi, Lou -- Pepto Bismol c21

Jagger, Mick -- MTV c6

James, Jessica -- Sermonette c19 / tc13 [Eddie's mom in "Diner." She quotes a long Kipling passage. Died a long time ago. Both of them.]

James, Tommy (and the Shondells) -- Schlitz Malt Liquor c6

Janis, Paula -- see Magic Garden

Janssen, David -- Excedrin, 2 ads c56

Jenner, Bruce -- Minolta c2 / Tropicana c12 / Pringles '86 t2

Jeter, Michael -- Theragran M c10

Johnson, Arte -- Toys R Us c5 / Toys R Us c7

Johnson, Earvin "Magic" -- 7 Up c5 / same sg3

Johnson, Ray Jay  (Bill Saluga)-- Natural Lite c1 / Einstein game c5 / Einstein c8

Johnson, Van -- Oat Flakes c25

Jones, Deacon -- Parkay c7

Jones, James Earl -- Fisher Systems VO c19

Jones, Janet -- Shasta c9 / same sg12

Jones, Shirley -- Consumers Catalog c10 / Triscuit c12

Jourdan, Louis -- Prell c22

Jump, Gordon -- Shakey's Pizza c13

Kaliban, Bob -- Yard Master c24 / Mego 1973 industry reel c27

Kaplan, Gabe -- Pepsi c6

Karen, James -- Pathmark c18 / Pathmark tc11 / Pathmark tc12

Keaton, Buster -- Simon Pure Beer c28

Kelly, Roz -- Great Moves game c25

Kennedy, Mimi -- Hall's? c57

Kerns, Joanna -- Post Fruit & Fibre c20 / Joy c62

Kerr, Jim -- WNEW '83 Calendar c9 / WPLJ c17 [NYC DJ.]

Kiff, Kaleena -- Honey Nut Cheerios? c17

Kind, Richard -- Mad Magazine Game '79 c8

Kiner, Ralph -- Foamy c7 / Wheaties c24

Klavan, Gene -- WOR am c1 [NYC radio guy.]

Kimbrough, Charles -- Levi's Panatela c63

King, Alan -- North Shore Animal League c18

King, Stephen -- American Express tc12

Kline, Kevin -- Schlitz Malt Liquor c21 [As Robin Hood.]

Knievel, Evel -- Motocross Bike c25 / Roadmaster Wheels c25 [He's in one but not the other, I forget which.]

Knight, Chris -- Twix '83 c9

Knight, Gladys (and the Pips) -- Coke c59

Knotts, Don -- Gaines Meal c22 / Gaines Meal  c23 / Gaines Meal  c24 / see also Andy Griffith Show

Koch, Ed -- Election c1 / For Carter '80 c2 / For Governor c6 / WCBS Christmas wishes c7 / For Gov. c10

Kool and the Gang -- Schlitz Malt Liquor c12

Koop, C. Everett --  Cancer Information Service PSA tc11

Kopell, Bernie -- Lifebuoy c57

Kopins, Karen -- Thom McAn c7 / Seagrams t5

Krakowski, Jane -- Stop Thief game c5

Kulp, Nancy -- Planter's Cheez Balls c8

Lacy, Jerry -- Right Guard c55 [As Humphrey Bogart--yep, that guy.]

Ladd, Cheryl -- Michelob c59

LaLanne, Jack -- JL Spas c2 / Spas c3 / Spas c5 / Twist-Away c32 /

Lamm, Robert (Chicago) -- Youth Project anti-drug PSA c32

Lampert, Zohra -- Goya, mult ads c20

Lancaster, Burt -- MCI c20

Landers, Audrey -- Tegrin c11

Landesberg, Steve -- Time Magazine tc11

Landon, Michael -- Kodak Ektra c3

Landry, Tom (Dallas Cowboys) -- Power for Living book c19 / same tc12

Lane, Cristy -- Christmas LP tc10

Lane, Nathan -- Cheetos c14 / Cherry NyQuil t4

Lanier, Bob (Detroit Pistons) -- MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) tc11

Lasorda, Tommy -- Union 76 c2 / Yoplait '83 c3 [Speaking French.]

Lauper, Cyndi -- MTV c20

Laurance, Mitchell (or possibly Matthew) -- Secret t2 [They're twins, so who knows.]

Lauren, Tammy -- Barbie Fashion Face c26 / Barbie Town House c26

Lauria, Dan -- Schaefer c7

Lawlor, John -- McDonald's c59 / Dancerella c60

Lawrence, Joey -- Chips Ahoy c12 / Care Bears Books c67

LeBlanc, Matt -- Facts of Life promo c16 / Heinz Ketchup c69 / same Heinz t2

Lee, Will -- Commercial Credit Control Data c11 [Mr. Hooper!]

Leeds, Phil -- Tilex t4 [I also suspect he's Twinkles the Clown in a terrifying old Post cereal ad, but I'm still trying to verify that...]

Leisure, David -- NJ Bell Yellow Pages tc10

Lembeck, Harvey -- Duz c22

Leno, Jay -- Cool Ranch Doritos c17 / Cool Ranch Doritos t1

Leonard, "Sugar" Ray -- 7 Up (with Jr.) '80 sg2

Leonard, Sheldon -- Post Crispy Critters VO c23 / Post (diff) c24

Lewis, "Grandpa" Al -- McDonald's (as Grandpa Munster) tc9

Lewis, Emmanuel -- McDonald's Calendar c3 / Burger King '83 c7 / BK c12

Lewis, Jenny -- Merry Go Round Stroller? c5 / Baby Skates c9

Lewis, Jerry -- Spellbound gamec 25

Lewis, Vicki -- Ajax c16 / Ritz Bits tc8 / Ritz (same) tc13

Light, Judith -- Hostess t5

Linkletter, Art -- Contour Chairs c16 / Circus mixed nuts c23 / Contour Chairs c69

Linkletter, Diane -- Circus mixed nuts c23

Lipton, Peggy -- Canada Dry c22

Little, Rich -- Little Debbie (as Robin Leach) t5

Lockhart, Anne -- Acme Supermarket tc12

Lockhart, June -- Gravy Train '76 c11

Locklear, Heather -- Faberge Organic Shampoo c12 / Sea & Ski? c14 / Jack LaLanne Spas, mult ads c20

Logan, Johnny (Braves) -- Camel c22

London, Julie -- Rose Milk c11

Long, Loretta -- Cool Whip c22 [Now I forget if she was on Sesame Street or Electric Company.]

Lord, Marjorie -- see Make Room For Daddy

Lormer, Jon -- Latter Day Saints PSA c16 [The old man in "Creepshow" who wanted his cake.]

Louganis, Greg -- Olympic Coins PSA c20

Loughlin, Lori -- Trapper Keeper c6 / Tab c8 / Gimbels c9

Louise, Tina -- Arrid c5

Lowell, Carey -- JC Penney? c65

Lujack, Larry -- WLS c6 [Chicago radio guy.]

Lunden, Joan -- Lite Brite c12

Lyman, Dorothy -- Lime-Away c8

Lynch, Ed (Mets) -- Food Drive c3

Lynde, Paul -- Maxwell House c21 [Looking positively demented.]

Lynn, Loretta -- Crisco c8 / Crisco (w/ Boo) c9 / Crisco '82 c10 / Crisco c17 / Crisco (w/ daughters) t1

Jones, Henry -- Sidekicks candy c25

M*A*S*H cast -- IBM t4 [The second bananas, anyway.]
Macchio, Ralph -- Bubble Yum '80 c4

MacDowell, Andie -- Calvin Klein Jeans c12

MacGraw, Ali -- Polaroid Swinger c24 /

Madden, Dave -- Mealtime VO c11 / Flintstones Vitamins VO tc8

Madden, John -- Lite c14

Magic Garden (Paula Janis, Carole Demas) -- LP c5

Majors, Lee -- Diet Rite c1

Make Room for Daddy -- Maxwell House c21 / Sugar Crisp c23 / Grape-Nut Flakes c24 /

Malden, Karl -- American Express mult ads c11 / AmEx c12

Manchester, Melissa -- WPIX-FM c2

Mandrell, Barbara -- Kinney c18 / Visa Fabrics tc10

Mantle, Mickey -- OK Cable '86 c18 / Florida Orange Juice c22 / Florida Orange Juice (diff) c23

Maris, Roger -- Post Sugar Crisp c24

Marshall, Rex -- Maxwell House c21

Martin, Barney -- Maxim c21

Martin, Billy -- A's Manager c8 / Lite, mult ads  c14 / Pepto Bismol c21 / NP27 foot spray c22

Martin, Pamela Sue -- Yardley c22 [As "Pam Martin."]

Marx, Chico -- Prom c28

Marx, Groucho -- DeSoto c28

Marx, Harpo -- Pepsi c28 / Prom c28

Masak, Ron -- Nice n' Soft toilet paper c3 / Tropicana c5 [Doing his Lou Costello schtick.] / Kellogg's sg7

Matthius, Gail -- Maxwell House tc12

Mattson, Robin -- Santa Barbara t2

Mays, Willie -- Empire Ford tc10

McCann, Chuck -- Pringles c4 / Jack in the Box c12 / Byrrh aperitif c22

McCarthy, Kevin -- "Alone Together" play c19

McCashin, Constance -- No Nonsense sg1

McClure, Marc -- Kellogg's sg7

McClurg, Edie -- McDonald's t1

McCormick, Maureen -- Great Moves game c25

McEnroe, John -- Bic Razors c14 / Sports Illustrated Xmas tc10

McEwen, Mark -- Chunky Soup c17 / WPIX 11 c20 / Federal Express c20

McGinley, Ted -- The Gap c14

McGovern, Terry -- Shell '81 c8 / Vivitar sg5

McKean, John -- For Assemblyman, NYC c4

McKeon, Doug -- Ice Bird  c27 / Alpha-Bits c7 / Bubble Yum c30

McMahon, Ed -- Providence Federal c3 / Budweiser VO c11 / Bud VO c22 / Bud VO t5

McMillon, Doris -- Big Apple Minute (Lower East Side) '80 c8

Meadows, Audrey -- Butterball c8

Melle Mel -- NYC Crack PSA c17

Melman, Larry "Bud" -- Pringles '86 t2

Melton, Sid -- see Make Room for Daddy

Melvin, Allan -- Liquid-Plumr, 2 ads c57

Mendenhall, David -- Lay's '82 c6

Meredith, Burgess -- Bulova VO c11 / Keds VO c14 / Honda VO c16 / Honda Civic VO c67 / Florida OJ VO t4

Meredith, Don -- Showermate c9

Meriwether, Lee -- Hollywood Christmas Parade '80 sg5

Meyers, Ann -- 7 Up c5 / same sg3

Michaelson, Melissa -- Darcy doll c5

Midler, Bette -- WPIX-FM c19

Milano, Alyssa -- AIDS PSA c16

Milligan, Spencer -- Anacin c61 / Colony Wine c61 [Rick Marshall from "Land of the Lost."]

Milonakis, Andy -- Chew-eez? t2 [Can't imagine it could be anyone else.]

Miner, Jan (Madge) -- Palmolive c20 / P c32

Miss America 1957 Marian Ann McKnight -- FL Grapefruit Juice, 2 ads c21

Miss Teenage USA Collette Daiute -- Ford c32

Miss Universe Irene Saez 1981 -- Carefree Gum [?]

Mizerak, Steve (billiards) -- Miller Lite c63

Modean, Jayne -- Burger King Star Wars glasses c2 / Maybelline Kissing Stick c3 / Downy c12

Modine, Matthew -- Bell c13

Molinaro, Al -- Southwest Bank c6

Monroe, Bill -- Screwball game c25

Monroe, Earl "the Pearl" -- Jordache c5

Monroe, Marilyn -- Union Oil c28

Montalban, Ricardo -- Chrysler c1 / Chrysler Cordoba c64

Montana, Joe -- Schick c20

Montgomery, Elizabeth -- see Bewitched

Moore, Mary Tyler -- Hotpoint (as Happy Hotpoint), 2 ads, c24 / Juvenile Diabetes Foundation PSA t2

Morgan, Harry -- Gaines Complete c22

Morse, Robert -- Pringles c4

Moschitta, John -- Federal Express c12

Mr. Bill -- Pringles '86 t2

Muni, Scott -- WNEW "Conversation with Yoko" c6 / WNEW 1983 Calendar c9 [NYC radio guy.]

Muppets -- Polaroid 6 / National Wildlife Federation PSA, mult ads c16

Nabors, Jim -- "Heart-Touching Magic of... " LP sg3 [So seventies it hurts. Especially since it was the early 80's.]

Namath, Joe -- Great Adventure c5 / Flash game c8 / St. Mary's linen c21 / St. Mary's linen (same) c23

Narz, Jack -- Fixodent c22 / see Captain Video

Naughton, David -- Dr Pepper, mult ads c4 / DP c6 / DP c7 / DP c11 / DP sg6

Nelson: Ozzie, Harriet, Ricky, David -- Ricky, Listerine toothpaste c24 / see also Adventures of...

Nelson, Jimmy (and Farfel the Dog) -- Nestle (old clips) t2

New Jersey Saints (Lacrosse) -- 2/87 c17

New York Giants Defense -- Pepsi Lite c8

Newlin, Mike -- NYC Anti-graffiti PSA c6

Newman, Barry -- Budget Rent-a-Car c12

Newman, Randy -- Nike c12 [Singing "I Love L.A."]

Newmar, Julie -- Vicks c22

Newton, Connie -- Milky Way c9

Newton, Juice -- Pringles '86 t2

Nicklaus, Jack -- Coke c4

Nicks, Stevie -- MTV c6

Nielsen, Leslie -- Ford VO c11 / Ford c11 / Whirlpool VO c61

Nimoy, Leonard -- Bell Labs VO, mult ads c13 / Shearson VO c20

Nixon, Richard -- Nixon Now! '72 c24

Nixon, Willard (Red Sox)-- Camel c22

Nye, Louis -- Cool Whip c22

O'Connell, Jerry -- Oreo c16 / Duncan Hines? c20 / Ritz Bits tc8 / Ritz (same) tc13

O'Connor, Donald -- Absorbine Jr. c11

Olsen, Merlin -- FTD Christmas t4 / FTD Easter t5 / FTD Christmas tc9

Olson, Susan -- Sindy doll c1

O'Hara, Catherine -- Dristan c9

O'Neal, Patrick -- KOST-FM c2 / New York Post c19

Orbison, Roy -- Sasson c7

O'Ross, Ed -- Schaefer c7

O'Rourke, Heather -- Rainbow Brite c30

Osmond, Donny and Marie -- Hawaiian Punch c3 / HP '82 c14

Osmond, Ken -- McDonald's (as Eddie Haskell) tc9

Page, Janis -- "Alone Together" play c19

Palmer, Arnold -- Hertz c17

Palmer, Bud -- FL OJ, mult ads  c21

Palmer, Jim -- Flash game c8

Pankin, Stuart -- Crocker Banks c7 / OK Cable c19

Parker, Sarah Jessica -- Ramblin' Root Beer [As Little Orphan Annie.]  c6

Parseghian, Ara -- Ford '73 c11

Paul, Richard -- Wendy's c12

Pearl, Minnie -- Spic and Span sg11

Pearson, Drew (Dallas Cowboys) -- SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) PSA tc11

Pele -- Pepsi 14 / Pepsi c28

Peller, Clara -- Wendy's c12

Peluce, Meeno -- Burnin' Key Cars c2 / Tiffles Chips c9

Pendergrass, Teddy -- Celebrity Jeans c6

Pendleton, Austin -- Caravelle candy c25

Perdue, Frank -- Perdue Chicken [Duh.] c12 / c17 / t2 / tc9 / VO tc12

Pierce, Billy (White Sox) -- Camel c22

Pintauro, Danny -- Snoopy Playmate c1

Piscopo, Joe -- Miller Lite [as "Bruce Piscopo," really bad Bruce Lee take-off] '87 t5

Pitt, Brad -- Mountain Dew t5

Pittsburgh Penguins -- Jug Night '82 c10

Pittsburgh Steelers -- Uniroyal Tires c63

Plato, Dana -- Luv-It clothes c2 / Noxzema c8 / Medic-Alert Bracelet PSA c9

Platters -- Schlitz Malt Liquor c12

Plimpton, George -- Intellivision '80c 4

Porizkova, Paulina -- Revlon? c19

Poston, Tom -- Tomy Pocket Cars c2

Presley, Priscilla -- Gordon's Jewelers t4 / Quencher Lipstick tc8

Price, Leontyne -- United Negro College Fund c19 [Bad!]

Price, Vincent -- No Jelly candy bar c25 / Tilex t4

Priest, Pat -- Weight Loss Clinics c3

Prince, Faith -- NyQuil t2

Principal, Victoria -- Holiday Spa c5 / Jhirmack Hair Spray sg12

Pulliam, Keshia Knight -- Disney World c17 / Pepsi c28

Purcell, Sarah -- Fayva c19

Questel, Mae -- Scottowels c1 / Scottowels, 2 ads c57 [As Aunt Bluebell. I also have her as the voice of Matty Mattel.]

Radin, Roy -- Bally's c10 [Look him up. I dare you.]

Ralph, Sheryl Lee -- Sprint? c20

Ramos, Alex -- NYC Anti-graffiti PSA c6

Randall, Tony -- UNICEF PSA c19 / Variety Children's Charity PSA tc11

Randolph, Jimmy -- Albert Merrill School, 70's c1 / AMS, 80's (robots!) tc12

Rapp, Joel -- Big Apple Minute (Clinton Community Garden) c18

Rashad, Phylicia -- Disney World c17

Rawls, Sarah ("Down-Home Chef") -- Accent '82 c8 / Accent '81 sg7

Ray, Gene Anthony -- NYC Anti-graffiti PSA c6

Reagan, Ronald -- "Reagan Reports" 10/12/80 (4m.)  c3 / For President c8 / "Morning in America" c12 / United Negro College Fund PSA tc11

Redgrave, Lynn -- Weight Watchers Yogurt t5 / WW Yogurt (same?) tc8

Reese, Mason -- Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins c2

Reeves, Dan (Broncos coach) -- Dry Idea t2

Regina -- McGruff PSA c16

Reilly, Charles Nelson -- Excedrin c55 [Sans toupee.]

Revering, Dave (Yankee) -- Spinal Cord PSA c3

Rich, Buddy -- Synsonics Drums c5

Richie, Lionel -- Pepsi 12 / MTV c20

Riggs, Bobby -- Power Tennis c25

Riley, Jack -- Honda Civic c14

Ringwald, Molly -- Raisins c10

Riperton, Minnie -- American Cancer Society c5

Rist, Robbie -- Cheetos '81 c9

Rizzuto, Phil -- Money Store c14 / MS Xmas c17 / MS, mult ads c19 / MS c68 / MS mult., incl. Phil as Santa giving away Cabbage Patch Kids, tc9 / MS, old film footage tc10

Robards, Jason -- Commercial Credit Control Data, mult ads  c11 / National Council on Alcoholism PSA c19

Roberts, Doris -- Fasteeth? c23

Roberts, Pernell -- Horizon (as "Simon Stone") c21 / Ecotrin t2 / Ecotrin t5

Roberts, Robin (Phillies) -- FL OJ c21

Robertson, Oscar -- Pepsi c28

Robinson, Edward G. -- Toastem c25

Roche, Eugene -- Ajax c9 / Bird's Eye pudding c22

Rogers, Kenny -- Dole t2

Rogers, Roy -- Grape-Nuts c25 / Seven Seas dressings c57

Rolle, Esther -- Blue Bonnet c2

Romero, Cesar -- Airports VO c32

Rooney, Mickey -- Dr Pepper sg6

Rose, Pete -- Grecian Formula '82 c10 / Kool Aid c16 / same Kool Aid c17 / Nestle Crunch t2

Roth, J.D. -- Nestle Crunch c7

Rubik, Erno -- Rubik's Magic Puzzle '86 c18 [Dracula appears in this. I think the joke is that they have the same accent.]

Ruprecht, David -- Green Spot drinks c6 / A1 Steak Sauce c7 / McDonald's c11

Russo, Rene -- Aziza Mascara? sg7

Rutherford III, Johnny (race driver) --Oldsmobile t2 [With son, below.]

Rutherford IV, Johnny -- Olds t2

Ryan, Fran -- Hungry Jack Biscuits c61

Ryan, Meg -- Aim '81 c9

Saluga, Bill (see Johnson, Ray Jay)

Sanders, "Colonel" Harland -- Kentucky Fried Chicken c12 / KFC c13

Sara, Mia -- Canon c9

Sarandon, Susan -- Yardley c22

Savage, Brad -- Hostess c10 / McDonald's '74? c35

Savage, Fred -- Pac-Man Vitamins c9 / Fruit Roll Ups c18 / Cocoa Krispies t5

Savage, Randy -- Rubik's Magic Puzzle '86 c18

Savalas, George -- Blue Bonnet c2

Savalas, Telly -- Boys' Club c17 / Ford c20

Schell, Ronnie -- Speed Tracker Baseball c16 / Great Moves game c25

Schenkel, Chris -- Owens-Illinois glass bottles c4

Schull, Richard B. -- Long John Silver '77 c4 / Vlasic Dills t1

Schreiber, Avery -- Squiibb c22 / Squibb  c23

Schwartz, Scott -- Oh What a Mountain game c4 / Macy's "Billy the Kid" clothes c4 / Alligator game c9 / Chapstick c9 / Yoo-Hoo c12

Scott, Barbara Ann (skater) -- Florida Orange Juice c24

Seagren, Bob -- 3M Business Products Centers c23

Seaver, Tom -- Sporting News c19 / Screwball game c25

Selleca, Connie -- Tickle c59

Selleck, Tom -- Chaz c3 / same c5

Serendipity Singers -- White Castle '79 c7 [Who? Beats me, but of the three guys and three gals in this group, I'm gonna say four of them were stoned during filming.]

Sergeant Slaughter -- G.I Joe contest c17

Seymour, Jane -- Le Jardin de Max Factor tc9

Shalit, Gene -- Kodak Disc Camera c8

Shatner, William -- Tourette's Syndrome PSA (dressed as T.J. Hooker) tc10

Shaud, Grant -- Macy's c17

Sheedy, Ally -- Tic Tac c4 / Clearasil c24

Sheffer,  Craig -- Crush c7

Shelton, Deborah -- WKHK-FM c9

Shepherd, Cybill -- Montclair Water c9 / Loreal t5

Sheridan, Rondell -- AT&T t5

Shields and Yarnell -- WRFM-FM c10

Shortridge, Stephen -- Certs sg12 / Head & Shoulders tc10

Shue, Elisabeth -- Oxywash c9

Sikking, James B. -- Firestone c11

Silk, Van -- NYC Crack PSA c17

Silver, Ron -- Scottowels c57

Silverman, Jonathan -- Mad Magazine Game? '79 c8

Silvers, Phil -- Camel c22

Simmons, Richard -- Anatomy Asylum c9

Simpson, O.J. -- Treesweet OJ c2 / Hertz c17 / Boys' Club c18 / Ginsu Knives [Kidding.]

Sinatra, Frank -- Chrysler Imperial c8 / Chrysler c12

Sinclair, Jon (Olympic hopeful) -- Z-Bec Vitamins tc12

Siskel, Gene --  At the Movies promo tc12

Slater,  Helen -- Raisin Bran sg1

Slattery, Richard X. -- Union 76 Gas (as Murph) Christmas c9

Smith, Buffalo Bob -- see Howdy Doody Show

Smith, Hal -- Mattel Electronics '80 c4 [Otis the Drunk as Santa!]

Smith, Jaclyn -- Jack LaLanne European Spas tc10 (I also have at least one English Leather ad.)

Smith, Kathy -- Gillette t2 [Now that I think of it, this might be a still shot, not an appearance.]

Smith, Ozzie -- Vess soda c6

Smith, Shawnee -- McDonald's? c2

Smith, Shelley -- Ban c12 / Ban (same?) c64

Smith, Will -- Fresh Prince Hotline c69 / same t2

Snow, Phoebe -- Pillsbury cake VO c17

Sokol, Marilyn -- NY Lottery c17

Soles, P.J. -- Polaroid Polavision c11 / Pampers c21

Somers, Suzanne -- Ace Hardware '81 c6 / Ace Christmas '80 c7

Sparks, Dana -- Secret t2

Sperling, Sy -- Hair Club for Men tc1

St. John, Jill -- Ocean Spray tc13

Stang, Arnold -- Nerfles? VO c17 / Honey Nut Cheerios? c17 / Crest VO c22 / Wacky Wheel VO c25

Stanley, Florence -- Honda '87 c18

Stapleton, Jean -- Gain c22

Staubach, Roger -- Rolaids c9

Steinbrenner, George -- Yankee Franks c7 / Lite c14 / Pepto Bismol c21

Stern, Howard -- WNBC (w/ Imus) c20 [Okay, he's not really in it. His poster is defaced by passersby. As a fan I had to include it.]

Stevenson, McLean -- Dolly Madison c13

Stewart, Jackie -- Mustang '79 c11

Stewart, James -- Firestone c11 / American Cancer Society ("The Shootist" scene) c23

Stiles, Ryan  -- Chrysler t2

Storch, Larry  -- New York Daily News tc12

Strangis, Judy -- Barbie Star Traveler c4 / same c26 / same c3 [She played Dynagirl to Diedre Hall's Electra-Woman. But you knew that.]

Strawberry, Darryl -- Milk c18

Strong, Brenda -- Always Plus Maxis tc8

Sullivan, Susan -- Tylenol t1 / Tylenol t2

Sure, Al B. -- 900 Hotline c69

Sussman, Todd -- Crispy Wheats and Raisins tc11

Swayze, John  Cameron -- Squibb Vigran c23

Swayze, Patrick -- Burger King c14

Tambor, Jeffrey -- Breakstone's c1

Tanner, Chuck (Pirates) -- Fireworks Night '83 c9

Tayback, Vic -- Animals PSA c8

Taylor, Holland -- America's Banks c11

Taylor, Robert -- Maxwell House c21

Teefy, Maureen -- McDonald's sg11

Thomas, Danny --see Make Room For Daddy

Thomas, Dave -- Cadbury c3 [From SCTV, not Wendy's.]

Thomas, David Clayton -- RC Cola VO c17 / Good Seasons VO tc12 / Good Seasons VO (diff.) tc13

Thomas, Jay -- Time-Life Books c19

Three Stooges -- Simoniz c28

Tiegs, Cheryl -- Sears c5 / Scatter Perm c55

Tobolowsky, Stephen -- Federal Express c6

Toski, Bob (golfer) -- Dash c22

Townshend, Pete -- MTV c6

Travalena, Fred -- CBN line-up (as Jack Benny and George Burns), two ads t2

Tune, Tommy -- American Lung  Association PSA c17 / My One and Only c20

Twiggy -- American Lung  Association PSA c17 / My One and Only c20

Tyler, Willie (& Lester) -- Toyota c1

Urseth, Bonnie -- Wrigley's Gum c9

Van Ark, Joan -- Harvey's c21

Vale, Michael -- Breakstone's (as Sam Breakstone) c1 / Breakstone's c2  / Dunkin' Donuts c12 / Consumer Catalog PSA c61

Valentine, Bobby -- Sports Illustrated c17

Valery, Dana -- Lenny's Clam Bar c10

Vance, Vivian -- Maxwell House (as Maxine) c11 / MH c21

Vanderbilt, Gloria -- GV belts c5 / Kids' Wear c8

Vandis, Tito -- Ivory Snow c21

Van Dyke, Dick -- Kodak c3 / Busy Puppets c5

Van Oy, Jenna -- Care Bears underwear? c16

Varney, Jim (as Ernest) -- Braum's c6 / Cream O'Weber Hi-Land milk c7 / Water Safety PSA tc8 / [Plus a ton of ads that are included on a cheapo Ernest DVD box set I own.]

Vigoda, Abe -- Social Security PSA t5

Villard, Tom -- 7 Up tc9

Villechaize, Herve -- Blue Bonnet c2 [Yes, wearing the bonnet.]

Volz, Nedra -- Jack in the Box c12

Von Furstenburg, Diane -- DVF c2

Von Sydow, Max -- Mueslix VO? t5 [Sure sounds like him.]

Wagner, Lindsay -- Nescafe tc12

Walker, Nancy -- Bounty (as Rosie), mult ads c12

Walker, Wesley -- Meals on Whelels PSA c14

Wallace, George -- Vietnam Message c24

Wallach, Eli -- WNEW Movie Club tc12

Walters, Laurie -- Cheerios tc11

Ward, Lyman -- Skinny Dip cologne c56 [Ferris Bueller's dad.]

Ward, Sela -- Camay c12 / Maybelline '79 sg2 / same Mayb. sg3 / same sg5

Warfield, Marsha -- Burger King '88 t5

Warner, Julie -- Alpo t2

Warner, Malcolm Jamal -- PTA PSA c17 / Disney World c17

Watson, Tom (golf) -- E.F. Hutton c22 / Golf Digest tc10

Watson, Vernee -- Tonka c14 / Dawn c22 / Cheer t1

Wayne, John -- American Cancer Society (scene from "The Shootist") c23

Wayne, Patrick -- Marathon candy, two ads c25

Weaver, Fritz -- Smithsonian c20

Weiseman, Wayne (psychic) -- Time-Life Enchanted World books tc10

Weitz, Bruce -- Hanes t5

Welch, Raquel -- Vic Tanny Spa c5 / Crystal Light t2

Welles, Orson -- Dark Tower game c5

Wences, Senor -- Parkay c65 [Yes, he does have a real name. Like you know it.]

Westheimer, Dr. Ruth -- OK Cable c19

White, Betty -- Spray n' Wash, mult ads c11

Widdoes, James -- Olds Cutlass '79 c11

Wilcox, Larry -- Sidekicks candy c25

Williams, Barry -- Great Moves game c25

Williams, Gunther Gebel -- American Express c11 / same c13

Williams, Willie B. -- Genovese c6 [NYC radio guy, I guess.]

Willis, Bruce -- Seagram's Wine Coolers t1 / Seagram's t5 [Pairs well with "The Return of Bruno." Preferably in an incinerator.]

Wilson, Dick (Mr. Whipple, Charmin) -- c4 / scouts c5 / Old Whipple c6 / Whipple's double c6 / old Whipple (d) c7 / Robbie the Robot c7 / c10 / c13 /  new cashier c22 / spinsters c22 / c22 / lifeguard c22 / mirror c22 / megaphone c22 / shrink c22 / cop c22 / nephew Orville c22 / "Windmill Whipple" c23 / his twin Elmer c24 /

Wilson, Mary Louise -- Horizon c21 / Horizon (same?) c24

Wilson, Rita -- Scottowels tc12

Winchell, Paul -- Fisher Nuts VO? c20 / Mini-Wheats c30 / Dow Bathroom Cleaner VO c57 / Raisin Bran '88 t5

Winfield, Dave -- NY Summer Jobs c18 / New York Daily News tc12

Winslow, Michael -- Suzuki c16 [The guy from "Police Academy" making the funny noises. Guess what he does here?]

Winter, Ed -- Harvey's c21

Woodruff, Largo -- Cadbury Eggs c7 / same c12 [I remember her from "The Funhouse" and "Bill." You remember her from nothing.]

Wonder, Stevie -- Kodak Batteries tc9

Wyatt, Jane -- Jubille c21 / Jubilee (same?) c22

Wyss, Amanda -- The Broadway c5 ["Fast Times at Ridgemont High?" "Nightmare on Elm Street?" Yeesh, I'm not even sure I remember anymore.]

Yeager, Chuck -- GM, mult ads c13

Yepremian, Garo -- Right Guard c59

York, Dick -- see Bewitched

Young, Robert -- Sanka c8 / Sanka, mult ads c11

Youngfellow, Barrie -- Gainesburger c21 [As herself, strangely enough. Oh, she was on "It's a Living," later "Making a Living." Write that down.]

Youngman, Henny -- New York Telephone c18 / same tc9

Ziering, Ian -- A&W Root Beer? c7