TV Commercials of the 70's and 80's

Here are some listings of my seventies and eighties commercial compilations culled from the thousands in my collection. I'm always open to trades (VHS and DVD)--but if you have nothing to trade, email me anyway (pgsaur at frontier dot com OR hugo1000faces at gmail dot com) if you are interested in anything here!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Other Tapes in My Collection

Here's a list of stuff I have with original commercials and also commercial compilations...

Donny and Marie Christmas Shows, 1977 and 1978. Paul Lynde. With original broadcast commercials. ’78 show is a bit garbled for first five or 10 minutes.

The Uncle Floyd Show, random segments, 1977 (?) to 1982 (?). Classic New Jersey “kiddie” show. Has various open and close credits.

Star Wars Holiday Special, 11/17/78. From Baltimore CBS affiliate. The fabled disaster (co-written by Bruce Vilanch!) that George Lucas reportedly despises---his name isn't even on the thing. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Art Carney, Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Jefferson Starship. First (animated) appearance of Boba Fett. Mind-boggling. Original commercials.

Miss USA Beauty Pageant, 1979. Bob Barker hosts, with Leif Garrett. Original commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars VI, summer 1979. Original Commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars VII, 11/2/79. With original commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars XV, 1983. Original (Canadian) commercials.

MASH---Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, 1983. Original commercials. From KOIN, Portland. Had bad audio on one VCR I had, others play fine. 2 ½ hours. Also WCBS re-broadcast.

Solid Gold Christmas Special, 1982. From WGN, Chicago. Cheesy but enjoyable countdown of the top 40 Christmas songs, hosted by Marilyn McCoo and Rex Smith. With Crystal Gayle, John Davidson, Sister Sledge, America, and very brief bits by Cher, Lionel Richie, Eddie Rabbitt, and Sheena Easton. Original commercials.

Open All Night, 1981. Two eps with original commercials. One hour. Stars George Dzundza, and one ep has an appearance by pre-Fast Times Judge Reinhold, getting lots of laughs.

70's toy ads. Begins with an hour of 1973-78 Mego ads, with an hour of ads by various companies following. The Mego segment has an industry reel introducing their 1973 line. There are 18 ads for DC and Marvel superhero figures and playsets, six for Planet of the Apes figures and playsets, twelve for Star Trek figures and playsets, plus Action Jackson, Wizard of Oz, Our Gang, Waltons, Happy Days, King Kong, Muhammad Ali, KISS, and more. The rest of the tape has early seventies stuff, including SSP racers, Slip n Slide, Gnip Gnop, Big Jim, Twirly Birds, Barbie, Thingmaker, G.I. Joe, Battleship, Play Doh, Blythe, Snowman Sno-Cone, Don’t Spill the Beans, London Bridge, Ice Bird, Marx Electro-shot Shooting Gallery, Trouble, Inchworm, five Skittle games, and much more. Concludes with a four-minute industry reel for Barbie’s 1972 line.

Kenner Star Wars toys commercials, 1977-1983. This is the tape that has circulated quite a bit. Ricky Schroder is in one ad, and I think there's a very young Christina Applegate in another. It was about 32 minutes, and not great quality, but I have added about twelve more minutes of SW-related ads (not just toys) including some which are doubles but of much higher quality. I also added what is, to me, the Holy Grail of SW toy commercials, the Star Wars Early Bird Kit--the certificate you mailed in to get the first four figures. Nagamaro! (Oh yeah, I also added a Mark Hamill "Great Space Coaster" appearance from 1981. The man can act with a puppet like no other.)

Random 70's/80's commercials, volumes 1-14. Each volume is an incredible hodge-podge of local, regional and national ads, with station id’s, bits of local newscasts and other goodies throughout.

Saturday morning commercials, two volumes. Volume One starts with some 1978 stuff, then goes eighties. Volume Two is all eighties. Kind of repetitive in places, they still offer up tons of goodies, like a couple of CBS "In the News" segments, with that percolating, computery music, plus some Schoolhouse Rock, Bod Squad, Smurfs segments, and lots more.

Seventies Stuff. Too much to list—classic show openings (sitcoms, cartoons, Krofft), classic commercials for toys and cereals, musical segments, even the entire opening segment of the infamous Brady Bunch Variety Hour… Guaranteed to please any 70’s nostophile! Okay, I'll list some...
Openings to Isis, Shazam, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Hong Kong Phooey, Superfriends & Challenge of the Superfriends, Osmonds cartoon, Banana Splits, The Rookies, SWAT, Space Academy, Groovie Ghoulies, much much more.
Commercials for Freakies, Micronauts, Big Jim, Twister, many more. Great companion piece with my own 70's compilation...

Outerscope One. (PBS, Vegetable Soup segments). This is a compilation of just these puppet segments, about kids building a rocketship in their backyard. Strange. Has original VS open. Not sure of length.

Animated Commercials, 50’s-70’s. All kinds of products and cartoon stars, including Fred Flintstone selling cigarettes and Mr. Magoo selling beer. Quisp, Funny Face, Mr. Bubble, Disney, Bullwinkle, Frito Bandito, Ipana, and much more. 90 minutes.

MORE! Yep, I have tons more, tapes scrounged up from garage sales and so forth, with original commercials, that I have yet to get catalogued and up on here. I swear, someday. Until that day, here's a link to my regular blog with as complete a list as I've compiled...