TV Commercials of the 70's and 80's

Here are some listings of my seventies and eighties commercial compilations culled from the thousands in my collection. I'm always open to trades (VHS and DVD)--but if you have nothing to trade, email me anyway (pgsaur at frontier dot com OR hugo1000faces at gmail dot com) if you are interested in anything here!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

So, uh, Why Exactly?

I know that's what you're wondering. Most people skip through the commercials, or flip around channels to avoid them. Commercials suck. They're annoying, banal, stupid. Especially, you may argue, the ones that are the focus of my collection: the mostly-forgotten celluloid snippets of shameless crap-peddling that have been scraped from that cringingly-recalled epoch, the 1970's.

This is all accurate, or, as the young people say, true dat. Yet I love them. I dust them off and catalog them. I study them. I watch them repeatedly, with fascination and affection. Except the ones I can't fucking stand, such as any spot with singing children. (Maybe that Oscar Mayer kid gets a pass, but that's it.)

I'd estimate that I have between three and four thousand commercials in my collection, mainly seventies through about 1986 (with some 50's and 60's in there, and even some early 90's--not my nostalgia spot, but interesting and fun to watch nonetheless). [2/23/15 add: LOTS more now (this posting was post-dated for higher placement)... I went through my various lists for my collection last night, and I'd now estimate I have about 13,000 commercials at this point, plus numerous old show openings, closing credits and "brought-to-you-by" segments.]

Commercials are designed to sell, and therefore appeal. They make fascinating time caplets which reveal not only how Americans of a particular era were marketed to, but how that marketing was done in its time, with technical effects and styles of storytelling clearly evolving.

Actually, speaking of evolution, it's funny--there seems to be quite a bit of zaniness on display in the older black-and-white ads of my collection, with inventive special effects and playful narratives. In the seventies, however, I find there's something of a step back, with much less absurdity and more trite, insipid ads. This evinces either a lack of respect for the viewer or a lack of inspiration on the production end. I'd guess it was typically a smidge of the former and an assload of the latter. Just as likely, producers just decided to skip the storytelling and focus on the product details to save money, resulting in a less interesting commercial but one that still got the job done.

I have recently been working on several different theme tapes, despite the fact that I can't sell them on eBay anymore because I don't own the copyrights on these ads. Of course, no one owns the rights on these old commercials (maybe the biggies like Coca-Cola or McDonald's retain them forever, I don't know), but anyway that's eBay's policy. I still make collections from time to time because they don't take all that long to assemble and it's fun to notice odd little details that I never caught before.

I made a music-themed tape for my buddy Mike whom I've known since the fifth grade. I included any ads with musicians, plus ads that featured familiar jingles or were highlighted by music. There were tons of disco-influenced ads back in the day, so I included what I have. You haven't lived until you've seen the Duncan Yo-Yo "Disco Duncan" ad. Okay, you've lived, but not well.

Making this tape, I rediscovered a hilarious spot (from around '79 I'd guess, give or take a year) for GWG corduroy pants. It was probably the fifteenth time I'd seen it, but I suddenly realized there's a moment where... well, I'll describe the whole ad for you.

Scene: A very cheap-looking, overly-lit disco set, with glittering ball overhead and about two-dozen twenty-somethings placidly grooving and shuffling on platforms of various heights. It seems there may not have been any music actually playing as they filmed, but we viewers are treated to a generic dance riff with a female singer intoning "Movin' on a dream! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Movin' on a dream!"

A chubby, combed-over fella with tinted shades and lapels rivalling an albatross' wingspan (think a melding of Sam Kinison and Paul Williams) sidles up to a young couple and says, in an afternoon drive-time DJ voice: "Movin' on a dream, gettin' down at the disco! Hey man, how do you get down so well?"

Blond guy (think Christopher Atkins around the time he realized he wasn't getting the Blue Lagoon sequel): "These GWG Cords really let you do it!"

The guy's partner, a thin-faced, mushroom-haired girl (picture Shelley Duvall portraying Toni Tennille) says something about the satisfactory fit of her pants, and we are then treated to several close shots of snugly-waled heinies gyrating.

The detail I had never noticed before comes as the guy's butt is prominently displayed in the foreground of the shot. If you look just past him (to his front), the girl's arm can be seen with her wrist at about his belt level, and her dance moves make it look like... well, like she's doing something for him that is not typically done on a dance floor (unless maybe some ecstasy tabs, dimmer lighting and a bigger crowd is involved). Like she's awfully, shall we say, handy. Upon first noting this, I thought that I simply had a dirty mind. Then I showed it to my friend Jim, who laughed so hard that I briefly wondered about the nearest defibrillator.

Did they do it intentionally? Hard to say. Given the level of competence of the rest of the production, probably not. Too much thinking involved in planting subliminal images. Although they did throw in another odd detail: when the tag line is chyroned onto the screen at the end, the sentences appear upward; that is, the first line pops up, then the second line appears above it instead of below.(Why do I even notice these things?) It would seem a deliberate decision was made to do it that way. So maybe some thought, however facile, was actually put into constructing this after all. Or maybe everyone was just really stoned.
[1/29/12 add: Thanks to my new DVD drive, you can see it here yourself! Okay, so I exaggerated about certain details--but I think I caught the essence pretty accurately. The helping hand occurs around :21.]

It isn't a subliminal message that strangely pops up on the screen during a spot for Michigan's Buscemi's Pizza--it's an absolutely blatant act of sabotage (though one probably unpremeditated, for what that's worth).

As fifteen non-actor kids (a mere 5 of whom wear Buscemi's t-shirts) cavort on a playground, singing (ugh) of their love for said pizza with varying degrees of enthusiasm and skill, a woman newscaster is suddenly superimposed across the lower right side of the screen.

She is deeply invested in picking her teeth, dreamily digging between molars with a fingernail.
We watch her for a few moments until, it appears, an off-set monitor catches her eye.
Just as it seems she's realizing that she is watching herself unflatteringly broadcast live over the ad, poof she disappears. Presumably the heads of some cheeky director and cameraman consequently rolled. Now, I don't know who that anchorwoman is, but I would surmise that, for such a gleefully ill-conceived conspiracy to occur, she probably deserved it. People obviously hate her.

Oh, about those themed collections I mentioned... I concocted a sports tape of ads with athletes, and another one I call "Strange Figgers... Weird Figgers" (after a Groucho line). It features ads with people wearing stupid costumes, bizarre puppets, and creepy stop-motion characters. Characters such as "Li'l Softie," a tiny naked cherub-woman with a large blue hat topping her oversized head, hawking Nice n' Soft bathroom tissue. Li'l Softie has kinda like a regular woman's head, but with a pudgy Kewpie doll body, and it is almost certainly brain-damaged. It yammers on in a breathy voice about toilet paper while standing on a supermarket aisle endcap. The imagining of its everyday existence is bleak and heartbreaking.

Gruff character actor Ron Masak (he's that guy who impersonated Lou Costello, and played the sheriff on Murder She Wrote) plays his role of a regular fella out shopping with his wife with a distinctly Klugmanesque air. He encounters this Softie creature and regards it with a mixture of wariness and disgust. When it squeaks that Nice n' Soft is "softier" than other bathroom tissues, Masak repeats the made-up word with exaggerated incredulity. Soon he realizes the TP is indeed superior to other brands, and although he will only concede that the paper is "very, very soft," his demeanor turns to reluctant acceptance, his new warmth undoubtedly laced with pity for such a grotesque abomination of God's law as Li'l Softie.

For the Strange Figgers compilation, I avoided traditionally animated commercials, as that could make up a tape on its own. I did, however, include Milton the Toaster (I just find it funny to see a little girl talking to a toaster which will later have a cartoon face superimposed on it) and a Pac-Man Bread spot with the cheapest effects ever--I swear the Pac-Man looks like it's made of yellow construction paper. I haven't tested this tape out on friends yet, but I predict it would inspire lots of laughs, even without "enhancement" of any sort. (Oh, I'd recommend it, you understand, but let's call it optional.)

Drop me a line if you have anything I might be interested in for trade, or if you're looking for something in particular. If a commercial for the Hugo, Man of a Thousand Faces puppet exists and you have it, call 911 and tell them you must speak to me immediately.

[As mentioned above, here's the latest addition to my mania: a painstakingly-researched-and-cataloged list of celebrities appearing in my collection, as best as I can ascertain. Some are easy to spot (like spokespersons billed on-screen--I'd hafta be pretty impaired to miss those), but for others I can only rely on my eyes--an imperfect method, eagle-like though they may be. So when I say I have a young Adrien Brody in a Hot Pockets spot, take it with half a grain of salt...]

Best of all, take a look at my YouTube channel to see tons of the old commercials
that are taken directly from my compilations!  
Wow, what a tremendous waste of time!

Commercials of the Eighties Trade Compilations!

This list created 8/19/14. (Please note: This index is a work in progress, so there are big gaps of information. Bookmark the page and keep checking back, I'll be updating often! In fact, see the bottom of the list for more...)

Here are the listings for the compilations of 80's commercials that I've created. Some of these two-hour compilations are culled from my personal collection, but unfortunately I was a commercial-zapper from way back, not foreseeing that someday the ads would prove to be more interesting to me than the programs I was diligently recording. For the most part the quality is good (unless noted), with compilations eight through thirty-seven (generally 1984-85) being good to exceptionally good. By the way, if you get a comp and see an ad you're interested in but it's cut off, that means there's a good chance it's on a different comp. There are so many repeated ads that I would have ended up with the same ones on every comp if I didn't edit. I also have some 1980's comps that are all commercials taken from Philadelphia stations, such as KYW, WPVI, WTAF and WPHL...

I should mention that if anyone is interested in reliving the experience of watching an old late-night (or afternoon or evening) movie on a New York City or Philly station--ah, the grainy, scratched-up film, washed-out colors, bad pan-and-scan, jarring cuts to commercial!--I've put up a list of what I have. Sure, you can just get my Trade Comp 12 to enjoy the "Channel Five Movie Club" segment with Eli Wallach relating a story about Sergio Leone accidentally hitting himself in the nuts, but don't you want to watch all of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly along with it? Contact me: pgsaur at frontier dot com, or hugo1000faces at gmail dot com.

GOT NOTHIN TO TRADE? AY, EMAIL ME ANYWAYS, WE'LL WORK SOMETHIN OUT! (And check out this list from my other blog to see more of what I have in my vintage video collection...)

(All comps are two hours, unless noted)

TC1: Includes content from Portland stations KATU (1987) and KOIN (1982-88). Some jitters around the 20 minute mark and a segment with muffled sound near the end, but overall quite good.

Lots of Christmas stuff, including Portland Saturday Market, McDonald's, Fred Meyer, Portland charities, Mervyn's, Meier & Frank, Hickory Farms, Payless, GI Joe's, Oreo, Thriftway, JC Penney, Old Spice, Reunite and Montgomery Ward, plus promos for NBC Christmas shows.

Pitching celebs include Bruce Willis (for wine coolers), Jay Leno, Kathie Lee Gifford for Carnival, Christie Brinkley for Prell, Linda Evans (cocaine PSA), Matt LeBlanc (KFC), Loretta Lynn (and daughters), Jane Seymour, Gregory Hines, George Plimpton, Rue McClanahan, Steve Allen, Kelly LeBrock for Pantene, Larry Csonka, Tatyana Ali (Pound Puppies), Susan Sullivan, Wayne Rogers, Meshach Taylor, Edie McClurg, Peter Bergman ("I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV"), Theresa Ganzel, and Vernee Watson. (There's a Better Cheddars spot with dancers and I swear one is Jennifer Lopez, but I can't say for sure...)
Portlanders will recognize Scott Thomason, and there are news briefs with Jeff Gianola, Julie Emry, and Mike Donahue, and some Blazers-related stuff (including a Wheel of Fortune sweepstakes tie-in with Pat Sajak and Vanna White).

Notable ads in here for Lazer Tag, Teddy Ruxpin, Diet Coke (with Hamilton Mitchell from Caddyshack), University of Oregon, Cabbage Patch Kids Twins, the new McDLT, Liz Claiborne, Coco Chanel Perfume, Poppin' Fresh, and movie commercials for Lethal Weapon, Angel Heart and Tin Men. Too many to list!

Show promos for Hotel, Harry (with Alan Arkin), Ohara (with Melora Hardin), Good Morning America (Joan Lunden with enormous hair!), Jack and Mike, Perfect Strangers, Head of the Class, Dynasty, Barbara Walters Special, Love Boat, Spenser For Hire, Colbys, Knots Landing, Beauty and the Beast, Dallas, Falcon Crest, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, a Tonight Show promo with Robin Williams and then Billy Crystal on Letterman, and news briefs with Brit Hume and Maria Shriver.

TC2: KOIN, WNBC, WOR, KATU, WTBS, CBN (description coming soon)

TC3: KATU, KGW, WOAC, WJW, WKYC, WOIO, WNUV, WBFF (description coming soon)

TC4: WTBS '85, WFMJ, WEWS '87, WTRF '88?, WTOV '88 (description coming soon)

TC5: WTRF, WTOV, WKBN, WFMJ (description coming soon)

TC6: WESH, WFTV, WUAB, WKYC, WJW, USA (description coming soon)

TC7: (Cleveland and Philadelphia stations [including WTAF 1984 sign-off], description coming soon)

TC8: This comp (which clocks in at a smidge under two hours) features ads from Nashville TN station WCAY and Youngstown OH stations WFMJ and WKBN. Portions of the WCAY stuff has low audio. Their station stuff includes ID's, "The Prime Movie" with Rich Man, Poor Man, "Newscan" with Kevin Kolbe and Chris Allen, promos for Taxi, Star Trek, Quincy, Solid Gold Hits, the Andrea Doria safe opening live special (8/16/84)... WFMJ stuff (also a bit of low audio) includes promos for the ALF season premiere and Valerie's Family now with Sandy Duncan, J.J. Starbuck with guest Kelsey Grammer, Cheers introduces Kirstie Alley, NBC News Digest with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News "China Week," 21 Action News weekends... WKBN's Morning Stretch promo with Joanie Greggains, CBS Late Night open for Spring Break, "Reflections" from the Youngstown-area Religious Community and TV 27 (with Rev. Michael S. Jones of St. James Episcopal Church), and more...

Local Nashville ads include Miracle Ford in Gallatin, Victor Ashe for Senator (because "a vote for Gore cancels out a vote for Reagan!"), Duane Loux Chevy, Housecraft Siding, Star Chrysler Plymouth (the dealer says it's "Gaw-gis!" and there's one where two guys walk by who are apparently the "Sneed Brothers," in fact Nashville songwriters Steve Davis and Dennis Morgan), Rachel Square Homes, Office Furniture Warehouse with Danny Davis, Heavenly Ham, Park Avenue Restaurant and Lounge, Nashville Office Machines, Tennessee Army National Guard, Carpet Barn, Moore for Congress '84, a water safety PSA with Ernest (Jim Varney), Gerry House for WSIX-AM (a series of really unfunny spots), Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, Lord's Chapel Christian Academy, Consumer Tractor Company (John Deere), Buddy Allen Floors, Southeastern Dental Center, Melrose VW, Calico Corners, Avis Used Cars, Radisson Plaza Hotel, The Wallpaper Store, Joywood Salvage, 96 Kiss-FM, University Ford, Country Boy Waterbeds (Hee Haw-style animation), Gene Caldwell Chevy, Koala Center, Duke Moving and Storage, Port O' Call Records and more... Youngstown ads include Hill's toy layaway (with Spryte the Elf), Sohio Procare Auto, 1987 Catholic Communications Campaign (with Fr. Jim Korda of Catholic Telecommunications Network of Youngstown), Planned Parenthood of Mahoning County PSA, so much more!

Celebrities seen include Priscilla Presley for Quencher (low audio), James Garner for Mazda, Tony Danza for Diet Rite, yachtsman Dennis Conner for the US Coast Guard, Brenda Strong (Seinfeld's "Bra Lady") for Always Maxi-Pads, Jerry O'Connell and Vicki Lewis for Ritz Bits, Lynn Redgrave for Weight Watchers yogurt, others...

Otherwise, you'll see ads for the Agatha Christie Collection of books, Toyota, BF Goodrich (free jacket!), Keebler Soft Batch, Potentials Unlimited self-help course from the Human Potential Institute, Gremlins, Record Magazine, Grandma's Cookies, Vacuclear food saver '83, United Way PSA with deaf girl Sarah Wallace, Powerlift (an air bag car jack that looks really dangerous!), Most-Loved Records LP, L'egg's Sheer Energy, McDonald's "Reflections" with Vanessa Bell (urban 70's flashback!) and also Mac Tonight!, The Big Town, Kodak batteries (predicting hover cars for the year 2000!), Anacin (arguing yuppies), USDA Forest Service PSA, R.O. Blechman animation for Equalactin Bowel Relief, Fisher-Price "Fun with Food" Christmas, Library PSA, US Government Books PSA, many many more...

TC9: This comp has ads from Cleveland stations WKYC and WJW, and New York City area stations WNEW, WOR, and WPIX. There's bits of Bob Hope's 1988 Christmas special from WKYC (this part of the tape starts out a bit staticky but gets better), with NBC promos for Xmas episodes of "Night Court" and "Baby Boom" among others, and "Christmas in Washington" (with Jimmy Stewart), "AM Cleveland," an NBC News "At This Hour" with Chuck Scarborough, local news tease with Leon Bibb, Jim Donovan sports promo (with Marv Albert in one and the Harlem Globetrotters in another), lottery and weather for 1/1/89,WKYC wishing Happy New Year, Phil Donahue with Ted Koppel in Cleveland, WNEW Movie card, station promos for lots of movies, sports and shows (such as Fame, Star Search '85, Dallas, Odd Couple, Honeymooners), WOR personalities (such as Reg Well, Miss Molly McCluskey-Barber, Lloyd Lindsey Young) in a bunch of Christmas spots, channel 9 News Updates with Janet Rose (Sam Peckinpah died that day) and one where Reg Wells incredulously watches a guy walk through his shot, WPIX Independent Network News' "Sights and Sounds of '84" special, WPIX Midnight Run through Central Park on New Year's Eve (!), channel 11's swirly animation for their "Sunday Afternoon Movie," lots lots more...

I'd say there's about 20 holiday ads in this one, starting with Coca-Cola and Disney, McDonald's, Minolta, Folger's, Revco, Jeep, one for the Pontiac Grand Am (where Santa undresses, puts on a tux and shades and looks like a total a-hole), Bell Atlantic, Taylor Champagne, and more...

Other local Cleveland stuff includes a Xmas ad for Higbee's (with Richard Dysart), Ohio Bell, East Ohio Gas Company, Motorsports expo at the I-X Center, Metro Toyota,Waterbed City, Ohio seatbelt PSA and more...

Local NYC ads include the animated spot for the Concord Hotel, George Zessi Furs, G. Fried Carpet, Money Store (Phil Rizzuto, of course--dressed as Santa in one, giving out Cabbage Patch Kids!), Antiques Expo at the Hudson River Pier (WTC appearance), a winter spot for Mount Airy Lodge, "The King and I" at the Broadway Theatre, NBO, Joe Crabtree Toyota, Jack Kahn Organs Xmas, Giant Carpet New Year's, A&P, NY Telephone with Henny Youngman, SMA, Cooky's, Crazy Eddie, Foodtown, WINS, and plenty others...

Look for familiar faces in a lot of ads, including a McDonald's "Double Cheeseburger Reunion" (with, as their classic TV characters, Buddy Ebsen, Barbara Billingsley, Al Lewis, Ken Osmond, and Bob Denver), Merlin Olsen for FTD Xmas, Jane Seymour for Max Factor, Art Carney and Brian Bonsall for Coke, Cher's Uninhibited perfume, Bill Cosby for Kodak, Stevie Wonder (singing) for Kodak batteries, a Juvenile Diabetes PSA with Mary Tyler Moore voice-over (where we see a guy primping in front of a mirror and generally acting like a real douche, then we discover he is blind and we feel bad for thinking he's an a-hole, but then we wonder why he has a mirror), Hulk Hogan for Saturday Night's Main Event, Geoffrey Holder (and Tom Villard, for all you We Got it Maid fans) for 7 Up, Linda Gray for TV Guide, John Houseman for Puritan Oil, Floyd Cramer for his "World Famous Love Songs" LP, Bonnie Franklin for Save the Children, and finally, not a familiar face but a familiar voice: William Daniels as K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, doing a PSA for the US DOT urging us to buckle up...

Otherwise, you'll see ads for Kenner's "Special Blessings" dolls, Tott's, Trouble perfume, Toys R Us, McDonald's "New Driver," L'egg's (using the ZZ Top song!), Lionel Kiddie City, Pierre Cardin cologne, Santa Fe cologne, Obsession, Everest climber Andrew Harvard for Bayer, Willow and Die Hard on VHS, some Miller Lite ads that are "wacky" in that very 80's not-at-all-funny way, Peanuts for Met Life, Newsweek (trivia game with subscription), Omaha Steaks with Merle Ellis, Irish "Come Back to Erin" LP, Psychology Today (with a klepto granny!), Big Brothers PSA, "700 Club" Pat Robertson bio, Coco Goya with his big bucket head, Boar's Head, Perdue's "Wheel of Chickens," plus many more...

TC10: More goodies from WPIX, WABC, and a little bit of USA too. (Plus I count about 17 holiday-themed ads in here, including WABC's news team seen in yuletides past.) It begins with the swirly animation of the channel 11 "Sunday's Great Movie," and there's also WPIX promos for the first "Woman of the World" pageant hosted by Richard Dawson, "Rascal Dazzle" and lots more, WABC Late Movie stuff including actor bios, WOR "9 All Night," WABC's "Sunday Night Movie" intro (similar to 4:30 Movie), Regis and Kathie Lee for "The Morning Show," plus tons more...

Local New York City-area stuff includes Carvel's Thanksgiving cake (with Tom Carvel doing the turkey's voice!) and also one for dolls of their character cakes (!), Personal Best plastic surgery, Apex Tech, Commack Motor Inn, Robert Fiance Beauty School (and Robert Fiance Business School), NJ Lottery (with Fyvush Finkel), Harrow's, Theo and Theo's, Kalyva Greek restaurant, Lucille Roberts, the Coronet brothers' mother, another Coronet with the stuffed orangutan, Crazy Eddie Xmas, Franco restaurant in Bayville, WPLJ, Brothers Electronics and Camera, WABC-AM with Alan Colmes, BQE gym, Mr. Good Buys, Keep the Torch Lit PSA, Jack Kahn Organs, Bay Ridge Toyota (the pizza guy), NY School of Locksmithing, Room Plus, Caldor, Joy 98, Fortunoff (with WTC), Newmark and Lewis, Wall Furniture Outlet, Manhattan Cabinetry, "A Chorus Line" at the Shubert, Roselli Movers, Genni's Discount Party Center, Karat Shop, Money Store, American Way Outlet mall in NJ (Xmas), MB Discount Juvenile Furniture (guy in stork costume)... and many more!

Keep an eye out for such notables as Christie Brinkley for Prell, Sammy Davis Jr. for the Episcopal Church (about AIDS awareness), William Shatner (in T.J. Hooker costume!) for Tourette's Syndrome, Jaclyn Smith for Jack LaLanne Spas, John McEnroe for Sports Illustrated (Xmas), Willie Mays for Empire Ford, Joan Collins for Canada Dry, Barbara Mandrell for Visa fabrics, Cristy Lane with her Xmas LP, Celeste Holm "Young Audiences" PSA... and more!

Elsewhere, there's the Time-Life "Enchanted World" books (with spooky spokes-kooks such as witch Susan Hammett, clairvoyant Litany Burns, tarot card reader Olga Hayes and psychic Wayne Weiseman), Cabbage Patch Kids Diapers,  another PSA for restoration of the Statue of Liberty (this one with the Peanuts gang), Sports Illustrated, an early PETA PSA, a TV Guide ad with a lone male dancer that's really awful, a weird Kay-Bee Toys spot about child abductions, Chams du Baron menswear (bad!), two for Jordache (worse!), Ice Capades with the Snorks, People's "intriguing people of 1984," The Flamingo Kid, Unicef, Franklin Mint's Great Books, Planned Parenthood PSA, Hair Club for Men with Sy Sperling, Ralph Lauren Chaps, Calibri Lighters (butterfly), Armitron Watches (very 80's!), Chia Pet, Christmas Classics LP, Consumer Information Catalog (Pueblo CO), Elizabeth Dole for traffic safety, Latter Day Saints PSA (the message of which, I think, is "don't be such a stick-in-the-mud"), Needlepunch Crafts, Righteous Brothers Hits LP... and much more!

TC11: This comp has programming filler from WABC, WOR, and even a smidgen of WNET and Philadelphia's WPVI. It starts with the end credits of a 1984 Name That Tune, the WABC Sunday Late Movie open, channel 7's Crimestoppers with Bill Beutel, WOR's "9in the Afternoon" open, a NYS mental health PSA (and other PSA's for drunk driving, Medic Alert bracelets, stranger danger, volunteering to drive cancer patients and more), WOR news update with Denise Richardson, a "Summernine" promo, Jacques Cousteau's First 75 Years promo, editorials (about hijackings and a new NJ sports stadium) with Peter A. Leone, WOR All-Star NJ High School Football, "9 All Night," a WOR evening game show promo with "Joker's Wild" and "Dating Game" with Pee Wee Herman (plus many other show, sports and movie promos),  several channel 9 "The Changing Family" local PSA's, Romper Room's Miss Molly at the Turtleback Zoo and for the Muscular Dystrophy Hop-a-thon, Mr. Food being really annoying, and the open to an episode of Joe Franklin (Axel F. theme). Then, just to be a little different, I close it all out with a Playboy Channel sign-off from 1985...

Local advertisements include the tuxedoed brothers Coronet, Carvel's Cookie Chick, Crazy Eddie (including some "Christmas in August" spots), local Nissan spots with wrestlers, BQE gym (different from the one on TC10), Charles and Lillian Brown's Hotel, Wall Furniture Outlets, Gimbel's reupholstery, Roselli Moving, Petland Discounts (Tetra fish food with musical fish), Theo and Theo's Menswear, Island Patio of Staten Island, Major Chevrolet, Garden State Brickface and Stucco, Avenue I Flea Market (VCR and TV giveaways), AALCO Windows, Dellwood, Pathmark with James Karen, Giant Carpet, Personal Touch, Jefferson Ward's Easter sale, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, Simco Shoes, Gibraltar Transmissions blues (not the doo-wop version, that's on TC12), Willowbrook Nissan (with bluesy Alison Bluh getting a shovelful of dirt in the puss), Money Store with Phil Rizzuto, plus more...

Celebrity sightings: then-President Ronald Reagan for the United Negro College Fund (!), Willie Mays for Empire Ford (might be the same one as TC10), Tony Randall for Variety Children's Charity, Dallas Cowboy Drew Pearson for SADD's Contract for Life (and another with SADD founder Robert Anastas), Patriots' Brian Holloway for alcohol education, NBA star Bob Lanier for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Steve Landesberg for Time Magazine, David Huddleston for Citrus Hill, Laurie Walters (Joanie from "Eight is Enough") for Cheerios, C. Everett Koop cancer PSA, and more for the eagle-eyed (Todd Susman, anyone? Well, you'd probably know him if you saw him...).

Other ads you'll see include the one for Delta Luv Buggy (where a hapless mother can't get her stroller folded up in time for her helicopter ride!), People Mag with Cyndi Lauper in Goonies regalia, Snap n' Glo jewelry (yes, tiny light stick earrings and such), Nat King Cole hits LP, Computer Learning Center, TV Guide, Fragrance Fables perfume knock-offs, American Heart Association PSA riffing on the Marlboro Man theme, US Navy, Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, Rascal three-wheeler, and more... (At the end of the collection there's a series of telethon-style late-night Craftmatic bed ads that are a bit repetitive but each one had something that made me laugh, so I left them in.)

TC12: Another great quality set of 1984-85 New York City station ads, from WOR, WPIX, WABC and WNEW. There's a bit of a Joe Franklin show including the opening (using "Axel F." as his theme song!), the channel 11 Eight O'Clock Movie bumps, outro and tease, WPIX thanking participants in their "11 Days of Giving" campaign, INN open with Bernhard Goetz coverage, channel 7's Late Movie open and bump (with brief opening credits to Fair Wind to Java in-between), voice-over bio for Fred MacMurray, WPIX "Time for Eleven Alive" promos, "Star Movie" outro and tease, editorial with Richard N. Hughes, "Superfriends Next" card (and I threw in the opening sequence too--Wonder Twins powers activate!), their Saturday Afternoon Movie intro, outro and bumps (looks old--70's?), Channel 11 Film Festival (another old-looking one), channel 5 movie promos, a "Channel 5 Movie Club" segment (with Eli Wallach telling a great story that ends with director Sergio Leone smacking himself in the goolies), the C5MC coming attractions crawl and instructions for joining, and more...

Local stuff you'll find on here includes Martin Paint (with the Joe Franklin segment, of course), Mount Airy Lodge (summer), Gibraltar Transmissions (mechanics singing doo-wop), A&P, Flemington Furs, Milford Plaza, Antonovich Furs, Maurice Villency Furniture, Dellwood milk, NYNEX car phones (!), Kleinsleep ("Have more fun in bed!"), CrossLand Savings touting their ATM's, WABC-AM's Alan B. Colmes (Empire State Building) , Whoopi Goldberg at the Lyceum, Regents Row restaurant (bad!), S.M. Rose Chevy, Petland Discount, Andre DeShields for WABC's "Operation Can-Do," Brighton Beach Memoirs at the Neil Simon Theater, Coronet, Garden State Brickface and Stucco, New York Business School, Eliminator Windows (must be seen...), TCI, MTI Business School (robots!), Carvel Flying Saucers (Tom Carvel hyping both the edible and 99ยข plastic kinds), Jimmy Randolph for the Albert Merrill School (this is the 80's version--the onscreen graphic reads "Robots are here!"), Dial-a-Mattres, NY Daily News Millionaire game, Pathmark (James Karen), Meadowlands opening (and another one calling it the "Four-Hour Vacation"), Independent Network News promo with Pat Harper, INN tease about Klaus Von Bulow, WPIX Yanks vs. Orioles, WLTW, New York's Lottery (with temporary millionaires Lou Eisenberg and Curtis Sharp), Maaco (really bad rap!), SMA Diamond Importers (male announcer with vocal fry!), Air Brook Limousine (with Jay Seltzer, Pres. of the USFL New Jersey Generals!), Mrs. America hosted by Richard Dawson (much awkward kissing), NY Daily News with Pete Hamill, Dave Winfield and Larry Storch (?), Together dating service, New York Post Golden Scratch game, more more more...

Celebrity appearances include Stephen King for American Express (long version--a short one appears on upcoming TC 17), Lindsay Wagner, Rita Wilson in a Scottowels ad, a Geoffrey Holder voice-over for the Hilton in Miami Beach, Connie Francis bringing us down with a couple of LP's, Tom Landry (Power for Living), Crystal Bernard for Pepsi Free, David Clayton Thomas singing for Good Seasons (different from the one on TC 13), Sheena Easton for WPIX-FM (with Will Vinton animation), Star Search '85 with Milton Berle, Jeff Altman for Kentucky Fried Chicken nuggets, "Night of 100 Stars" promo with Peter Allen, Jeremy Irons, Georgia Engel and Tony Randall...

Also, you'll see ads for la Chocolate yogurt (kinda disgusting), Nutra Nail (guy smashing glass rods!), The King and I collector's plates from Bradford Exchange, The Flamingo Kid, Control Data Institute, Pfeister Barter Future Card (!?!), Computer Learning Centers, DeVry computers, PSI Institute, Cocoa Pebbles (with break-dancing Fred and Barney!), Masters of the Universe Land Shark, "Today in Music History" (Blues Brothers), Memory Lane LP's, AYDS diet candy, Ultra-Swim anti-chlorine shampoo, Tomy's Montgomery Moose doll, P.S. Gitano jeans, Siskel and Ebert At the Movies, Z-Bec vitamins with Olympic hopeful Jon Sinclair, Executive Volunteer Corps, Brady's Escape, Alba '77 (the skinny girl's drink!), Cat Fancy, Time-Life Books "Vietnam Experience," ASPCA PSA, Bojangles, Franklin Mint's Coins of All Nations, many, many more...

TC13: An excellent-quality set of ad filler recorded from WNEW, WOR, and WPIX (and a little TBS) in 1984 and 1985. There's some Channel 5 Movie Club and Movie Greats stuff, a WNEW sign-off with announcer Lou Steele sounding a little tipsy as he reads the news (the weather graphic even comes up too early!), a sermonette and the National Anthem, the old WOR open to "Million Dollar Movie" (with great scenes of New York City), channel 11's Film Festival, WOR editorial and news update with Denise Richardson, WOR March of Dimes Telethon promo, and promos for such shows as Burns and Allen, Phil Silvers, Carol Burnett Show, Vega$ and Puttin' on the Hits (not to mention some WOR and WPIX glitches). There's an Independent Network News spot that I swear has a young Anne Heche in it.

There's quite a bit of Christmasy goodness on here: a short spot for WPIX's annual showing of theYule Log, Tom Carvel gives us a Santa cake as well as Christmas Cookie Puss, Solid Gold Xmas, Lafayette, Norelco (with the sledding Santa), NBO, Kodak, Potamkin (bad!), Crazy Eddie LP's, over a dozen Xmas ads in all.

Local material includes a short animated Circle Line ad (not to mention the Binghamton Ferryboat restaurant), Action Park, Haunted Mansion and Amusement Pier at Long Branch (a "newer" version but with much of the old scary footage), an old-looking Petland Discount with Neil Pagent, Cooky's, Avenue I Flea Market (with a Cabbage Patch Kid drawing!), US Grand Prix at the Meadowlands, Shop Rite, WKTU, Roma Furniture, New York's Lottery, "La Cage aux Folles" at the Palace, "Kismet" at the "An Evening" Dinner Theatre, "Shades of Harlem" at the Village Gate, SMA Diamond Importers, Globe Shoes, Leather Warehouse, Q.P.'s ("I like that, Frances!"), Brands Cyclery, Flora Plenty, WYNY, and more...

Watch for these celebs: Jerry O'Connell, Robert Guillaume, little Jenny Lewis, Billy Martin for pipe tobacco, Gene Siskel (At the Movies), Emmanuel Lewis for Burger King, Fyvush Finkel, Senor Wences (and Johnny and Pedro), Pat Boone, Red Buttons, Jill St. John, Vicki Lewis, Don Galloway, Christopher Norris (Trapper John MD) for Breyer's yogurt, more...

Elsewhere on here you'll find a lot of Public Service Announcements, an ad for a movie called Superstition which looks really terrible, a hypnotherapy institute, a "New Leave it to Beaver" bit with the stars introducing the 50's pilot episode of the original series, "Come Back to Jamaica," History of Rock LP's, Stanley Doors with Michael Bolton screeching the jingle, Good Seasons with Blood Sweat and Tears' David Clayton Thomas growling the jingle, MTV, Taylor Wines (the expert in this one may have had a glass too many), a National Enquirer ad with cheesy animation showing Lorenzo Lamas literally flying his coop, Perdue (Frank Perdue, of course), Franklin Mint's "Little Maids of the 13 Colonies" dolls, tons more...

TC14: More terrific-looking ads from WNEW, WABC, WOR, WPIX, with the channel 5 "Movie Greats" bump and outro, a bunch of great old movie trailers for their upcoming flicks, a "Big Apple Minute" with Warren Eckstein about the Museum of Holography, Kitty Carlisle Hart asking "It's ten p.m.--do you know where your children are?", 5 news open, a number of channel 7 Christmas promos with pics of the news folks as kiddies (including Kathie Lee Johnson, later Gifford), the 7 Late Movie with Angie Dickinson, James Garner and Alan Bates bios, some bits of Headline Chasers with Wink Martindale, WOR "9 All Night" open and bumps, the 80's "Million Dollar Movie," bumps for WABC "Saturday Night Movie" and "Sunday Night Movie" (same animation as the classic 4:30 Movie), WNEW ":Hollywood's Finest," lots of promos for shows such as Romper Room, Flying Nun, Bosom Buddies and Police Woman, INN News special 1985 retrospective promo, too many to list, about a dozen Christmas-themed ads all together...

Local ads include a great spot for the "Krush Groove Christmas Party" at Madison Square Garden with the major hip-hop stars of the day (and where a number of stabbings and shootings occurred), an ad touting that WNEW's airing of Live Aid is in two days, New York Mets on channel 9 (BAD song!), Joe Franklin hyping his show (plus a bit of a show segment), WLIR 92.7 (Dare to be Different!), New Year's Eve Grucci fireworks on channel 11, Pathmark with James Karen, Ground Round, Grand Union, Jeffrey's, Tourneau Corner, NY Newsday, Money Store (Phil Rizzuto with Santa), Crazy Eddie Xmas, Arthur's Xmas, Genni's Party Center (with Marty the Party Clown, yikes!), a couple of Roselli Movers ads with seductive blondes, Western Beef (with animated cactus), MB Juvenile Furniture Xmas, Coronet, Easy Pickins, "As Is" at the Lyceum, "Mystery of Edwin Drood," "Mayor! The Musical," Kaufman Carpet, The Wiz (w/ some newsreel footage of Ebbet's Field), a spot for a TV studio called Famavision (which might be terrible or great, I'm not sure), Pantagis Famous Renaissance Greek restaurant (two ads, one with a really awful-looking clown), Carvel with Tom Carvel voice-over, Barney's, Video Shack, Avenue Y Party Supply, Potamkin, Concord Hotel at Kiamesha Lake, New York Times, Just Shirts, Fugazy Continental (with Bob Hope VO), Adam's Apple nightclub, Fresh Air Fund, Bay Ridge Toyota (pizza guy), Together dating service, many more...

Celebrity sightings include a quick look at Bryan Cranston in a Michelob ad, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara for the United Jewish Appeal Federation (which will be calling you on Super Sunday--just what you want while watching the game), Nell Carter for the Breast Examination Center of Harlem, Alex Karras, Lyle Alzado, New York Met Gary Carter selling a poster for channel 9, All My Children's Kathleen Noone, others...

Other ads include MTV and VH-1, Star Search '85, Chia Pet, Sierra Club PSA (and lots of Public Service Announcements), For Your Precious Love oldies LP, Civil War Chess Set, the National Enquirer "reporting" on the subway vigilante Bernhard Goetz and the David Hasselhoff diet (not burgers on the floor), Clairesse, Midas (giving away a racehorse!), Arista's Hits LP, Bird Talk magazine (with Bruce Mahler and Buster), the unfortunately-named AYDS diet plan, "Millionaire Maker" Ed Beckley, tons more...

TC15: This one includes great-looking ads taken from WABC and WOR, mostly 1985. Among the local station stuff, there are great movie intros, outros and bumps (WABC Sunday Night Movie, WOR Million Dollar Movie, 9 All Night, etc.), a viewer discretion advisory, and channel 7 used to have an announcer read a brief bio of whatever actors were in that night's film. There's the WNET 13 sign-off. WOR has an "African American Achievers" spot with Suzette Charles, spotlighting cowboy Bill Pickett and the art of Adger Collins. There's one strange WPIX spot with a little boy knocking over his toy blocks which he'd built into the twin towers. Local news folks include Reg Wells, Sara Lee Kessler, Denise Richardson.

Local ads include Steve's Pier 1, Cats at the Wintergarden, New York Newsday (one including a cool overhead shot of Yankee Stadium), Mt. Airy Lodge (fall), Crazy Eddie, The Tap Dance Kid (with Alfonso Ribeiro and Hinton Battle), The Wiz, NBO, a couple for WOR-TV's Children's Christmas Fund (otherwise not much holiday stuff on this comp), Arthur's, 1010 WINS, Adirondacks skiing, NJ tourism (voice-over by Bill Cosby), St. Joseph's College, Wilfred Academy of Beauty (bad!), Mario Fischetti Nurseries, Kleinsleep and a NJ Department of Energy recycling PSA that must be seen to be believed, with a white rapper even worse than Sal the Stockbroker! 

Celebs include Cher for Jack LaLanne, Lionel Richie for Pepsi (I think Jaleel White's in there too), Dan Marino and Joe Montana for Diet Pepsi, the stars of Who's the Boss for TV Guide, Bill Cosby, Telly Savalas, Burt Lancaster for MCI, Lee Majors and Sandahl Bergman for Diet Rite, Scott Bakula for both Ronzoni and Canada Dry (really bad!), Willie Mays, Ray Parker Jr. and Kelly Emberg for Diet Coke, the Del Fuegos for Miller, Kenny Loggins and Paula Yates for a year-end music show, Teri Garr, Barbara Mandrell, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Vincent Price, Zohra Lampert for Goya, J.T. Walsh, Marla Gibbs, Don Shula, Hacksaw Reynolds, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. There's also an ad for a book about Cristy Lane with Sgt. Barry Sadler and Marijohn Wilkin, if you're into that inspirational sort of thing.

Other notable ads include NEC video, Wisk (ring around the collar!), both Singapore Airlines and British Caledonian highlighting the hotness of their stewardesses, Tab (it's got sass), Hal & Duke for Maxwell House, Halsa Shampoo, Pepperidge Farm, and movie promos for The Alchemist and Avenging Angel. Lots, lots more...

TC16: This one starts with WOR ads from February '85, but then goes to an ABC evening movie recorded from WABC shortly before Christmas 1984, then some CBS prime-time stuff (WCBS). There's channel 9's news updates with Denise Richardson and Sara Lee Kessler, WOR movie promos, a WOR Special Presentation of  "African American Achievers in History," where Suzette Charles tells about Louis Armstrong (with art by Romare Bearden, about three years before he died), ABC's "Street Hawk" premiere and many other movies and shows, including a T.J. Hooker with little Tori Spelling (then billed, according to the Newsday TV Book of that week, as "Tori Poloni") and a 20/20 expose on "Bedwetting: A Child's Secret Shame," channel 7's Ernie Anastos, Corey McFerrin and Kaity Tong, channel 2's Michele Marsh, Reggie Harris, Carol Martin and Lester Holt reporting on the Rick Nelson crash, a CBS Newsbreak with Charles Osgood, WCBS covering a LIRR strike and "subway vigilante" chase, etc. etc...

Local interest includes an ad for Apex with that guy and a chick welder with a dynamite fro, "Simone" for the Wilfred Academy of Beauty, Acme supermarket, AALCO Windows with Stephen R. Pacca (and his spangly assistants demonstrating the "Torture Chamber"), Taggart's Driving School, WHN 1050, NY Telephone (one with Michael Bolton singing), Pathmark, the "new" Aquaduct, New Jersey Tourism "Battle of Trenton," Maurice Villency, much more...

Celebs on hand include Cher (with short blonde hair) for Jack LaLanne, young Chris O'Donnell for Sears sweaters, Levi's 501 has a slighty-balding Jason Alexander and a quick look at Bruce Willis, Andy Griffith and Cliff Robertson for AT&T, Kevin Bacon sleepwalking through a CBS "American Portrait" of Marty Mann, fast-talker John Moschitta (and kiddie actor Huckleberry Fox) for Walt Disney World travel, the "new" Star Magazine has Kitty Kelley, Gavin MacLeod and Jaclyn Smith, Cover Girl ads with Christie Brinkley, Carol Alt and Jennifer O'Neill, Jerry O'Connell still with baby fat, Leon Redbone singing for Kodak disc film, Randy Newman and William "Refrigerator" Perry (and daughter) for Nutrasweet, Jim McMahon for Miracle Whip, Phyllis Diller for Wingo in the Post, Glenn Scarpelli (Prego), Mel Blanc doing Foghorn Leghorn for KFC, Merlin Olsen and the San Diego Chicken for FTD, Evonne Goolagong and family for Geritol ("Mommy beat daddy!"), The Platters for Red Lobster, Lynn Redgrave for Weight Watchers (just a warning--you will see Lynn receiving graphic oral pleasures from a slice of pepperoni pizza. It didn't stand a chance.) Plus more!

For Christmas, there's Fruit of the Loom with Emma, a Perry Como special with Ann-Margret, McDonald's with Scrooge giving out McNuggets and gift certificates, Sears, the tear-jerking Kodak one where the little white girl gives the old black neighbor a scarf, and 7 Up with Geoffrey Holder...

Other stuff you might find interesting includes the ad for Stella D'oro Breakfast Treats (with George and Alice in the kitchen at "3 am in the morning"), Claymation California Raisins, Dune, Missing in Action II, Starman, Micki and Maude, The River, Haiti Tourism, Ixtapa Tourism, Levi Cords (bad!), People Magazine, Maaco, Wendy's ("Step aside"), 9 Lives with Morris, Burger King (one with, I think, Janet Hubert, the mother in "Fresh Prince of Belair"), L'eggs Sheer Energy (with the WTC), Lancome Magie Noire, Ivory Shampoo with a piping hot cowgirl, Peter Pan (with a moon-walking jar of PB), a milk ad to the tune of "Goody Two-Shoes," Dow (providing scholarships at Chicago's Providence-St. Mel School), VW Jetta, Entenmann's, Busch Gardens, Club Med, Summer's Eve "Hint of Musk" douche, and plenty more...

TC17:  This one has a lot of CBS network stuff via WCBS, along with some Philly stuff courtesy of WPVI. CBS stuff includes that great "Special" announcement like they used through the 70's, a "We've Got the Touch" promo that has to tell us it's Kenny Rogers singing because it sounds nothing like him, one for weekday soaps, Late Night Movie promos and others for tons of shows, Ivanhoe, Christopher Columbus, "George Burns Comedy Week" (with Catherine O'Hara), CBS Reports with Walter Cronkite and John McCain, Newsbreaks with Marlene Sanders and Fred Graham (reports on New Coke and Reagan polyps), Rolland Smith, Michele Marsh, Lester Holt for WCBS news, more. WPVI stuff includes their "Million Dollar Movie" open, news promo with Rob Jennings, a "Happy Holidays from channel 6," a Chopper 6 promo, Am Philadelphia (with Wally Kennedy and Elizabeth Stark), the open and close to a Christmas episode of "Perspective" with Linda Munich, the sign-off which I've read is from 1971 (and looks it, as it includes the old ABC logo and a Television Code Seal of Approval), tons more...

Local NYC material includes A&P, A&S, Cadillac Carpet, James Roy Furniture; local Philly stuff includes a Krass Brothers spot with bony twerp Ben Krass getting fondled by his usual coterie of glamor gals, a great Christmas spot for "Yuletide at Winterthur," Sheehy Ford, Gimbels, C&C Appliances, Wall to Wall Sound and Video, Levitz, one about business opportunities in Trenton (with entrepreneurs Joy Franklin, Willie Wang--totally not kidding--and Italo Gargione), PA Home Health Services (with longtime local kiddie TV hostess Sally Starr), University Museum, Better Business Bureau of Eastern PA (with George Kennedy), Opera Company of Pennsylvania, Mayor's Commission on Literacy PSA (with Mayor Wilson Goode, I think...), Valley Forge Addictions Program, more more more...

Try to spot celebs such as Stephen King for American Express (the short version--the long one is on TC 12), Vincent Price enjoying a bug zapper, Paulina Porizkova for Diet Sprite, Carol Alt for Noxzema, James Galway for American Express, Michael Landon, Jane Kaczmarek, Victoria Principal for Jhirmack, Nancy Marchand for Wonder Bread, Fyvush Finkel for Tofutti, Richard Thomas and family for Minute Maid, Florence Henderson and Vernee Watson for Wesson, Leontyne Price in a terrible United Negro College Fund spot, little Jenna Von Oy for ice cream, Danny Cooksey, Susan Sullivan, Burton Gilliam (well, you might recognize him, anyway), and others...

Also, you'll find Donald Kehoe of Coca-Cola explaining that old Coke is coming back as "Classic Coke," Dimension conditioner, Calvin Coolers, Mutual of Omaha (with footage of Marlon Perkins wrasslin' a anaconda), People Magazine with Rock Hudson, Frusen Gladje (bitch ate it all!), Burger King with Mr. Bill, Al Eisen's 2000 Flushes, Silverado, Dak ham, the Burt Reynolds movie Stick, ersatz Little Rascals for Jell-O, McDonald's (with an actress who may be Kelli Maroney), a very eighties-tastic Crystal Light ad brimming with aerobics, Chateau Luzerne wine (bigger than a gallon!), a Nissan dealer with breakdancing, Care for the Earth Campaign PSA, National Head Injury Foundation PSA, World Affairs Council PSA, a 1984 March of Dimes PSA with Dr. Eric Knudsen studying owl hearing, a Dustbuster and Spotliter ad that I swear has Kyle Gass, an Apple IIc Christmas ad, lots more!

TC18:  Lots of Christmas-themed ads on this comp, mostly 1985 material from Philadelphia stations WPHL ("Moving Picture" open and outro, "Late Show" open, lots of show promos including Star Trek, Little House on the Prairie, Love Boat, Barney Miller, Jeffersons, Alice, Sanford and Son, Carson's Comedy Classics, Billy Graham, Diff'rent Strokes, "Meatballs"), and WTAF ("Night Life" open, "All Night Long" open with glitch, "Saturday Matinee" open, promos for movies such as "Magical Mystery Tour," "Chrome and Hot Leather," "Savage Seven," "Hell's Belles," "Rollerball," and shows such as On the Rocks, Vegas, Bosom Buddies, I'm a Big Girl Now, Taxi, Benson, Too Close for Comfort, Phillies' "Roy Rogers' Baserunners" contest, ) and just a bit from WPVI. Local ads for Krass Brothers, Trump Castle, Gaudio's, Philadelphia Gas Works, Clover, Bamberger's, "Uptown... It's Hot!" and "42nd Street" at the Forrest Theater (Maurice Hines), PSFS (use your home computer for banking!), Pomeroy's, John Wanamaker's, Philadelphia Electric Company, hotlines (for romance, teens, astrology, jokes, baseball trivia), Philadelphia Inquirer, House of Bargains (Sally the Stock Girl?), Betson's, Adoption Center of Delaware Valley, Al Rubin Appliances (the animated Al looks just like Peter Griffin!), Atco Raceway, The Dovells (?) for Robbins, Princess Furniture, Harrah's (Susan Anton and Marvin Hagler), EAZY 101, lots more...

Other ads include KISS' "Asylum" live album, "Savage Streets," Toys R Us (He-Man and She-Ra), Holiday Fitness (Heather Locklear), Gordon's Jewelers (Priscilla Presley), Lee Jeans, Woolworth's toys (Thundercats, WWF, Voltron figures), Michelob Xmas (John Forsythe VO), Lionel Kiddie City (Tatyana Ali), Cadillac Fleetwood (Eagles coach Dick Vermeil), Atomic Tires (Bob Saget), Frank Perdue (seen showering before donning a tux to entertain three honeys!), Made in the USA (Lynda Carter, Bob Hope, Sally Struthers, Sammy Davis Jr., Carol Channing), Dick Van Patten and family for Olds, bad Selective Service PSA, Carvel Mother's Day, Herbie Hancock for Pizza Hut, Creedence Clearwater Revival LP"s, Arrid (Scott Bakula), Alpo (Lorne Greene), Playtex 18 Hour Bra (Jane Russell), Tic Tac (Kelly Harmon), many more!

TC19: A bit more Philly from WTAF and WPVI, a bit of WCBS evening network movie filler, but mostly national cable stuff from CBN, Lifetime and USA. Local Philly flavor includes a WTAF Sunday Matinee card (with a glitch) and the outro, WPVI's Merv Griffin Show... CBS has a Newsbreak with Marlene Sanders, local with Rolland Smith and Michele Marsh, promos for Dukes of Hazzard, The Young and the Restless... Cable stuff includes CBN: promos for Saturday Westerns, an Amy Grant special; Lifetime: Moviebreak open; USA: Movie intro, TNT Wrestling, Commander USA's Groovie Movies, Saturday Nightmares, Radio 1990, Room 222, Good Morning World, lots of other promos...

You'll get ads for Coke, Calgon ("Take me away!"), a very 80's Pringles ad with some bad rapping,  "Thank Goodness it Fits small-cup bras, Prell (Lotsa Hair), Hebrew National with Uncle Sam, Talking Bible Christmas, a two-minute ad for Polaner All-Fruit's 90th anniversary, Life cereal with Mikey, Mississippi Queen Vacations, Savvy Magazine, 9 O'Clock Rock LP's, Pert, Clairol Bodybuilders, Polaroid Xmas, Clorox Xmas, Celestial Seasonings (with stop-motion bear), Swatch, Great Adventure with Warner Bros. characters, Disney World, KFC with Rapunzel, TONS more!

Ads with celebs include Bryan Cranston for Preparation H, Lite (with "World Famous Bodybuider" Lori Bowen and Rodney Dangerfield), Tab (Arsenio Hall), USA Today (Jane Byrne, Charles Schwab, Willard Scott, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Diahann Carroll) Sprite (Huckleberry Fox, Bill Fagerbakke), Weight Watchers (Lynn Redgrave), Louis L'Amour Books (Charlie Daniels), National Geographic World Magazine (Ralph Emery), Lorne Greene for "Life Assurance," Cover Girl (Jennifer O'Neill, Kelly Emberg), Burger King (Lyle Alzado), Playtex Tampons (Brenda Vaccaro), McDonald's (Jason Hervey), ballerina Cynthia Gregory for AmEx, Mobil gas (with character actors Marvin Kaplan, Carl Ballantine, Larry Gelman and [possibly-but-not-sure] James Cromwell), Penelope Ann Miller for Ban, Amoco Gas (Lyle Alzdo, Hacksaw Reynolds), James Karen for Pathmark, Victor Borge for Money Access Centers, more...

TC20: This one is a full two-and-a-half hours! WOR, WCBS, WPIX, and WNEW recorded mainly in the summer of 1985. Among the station stuff you'll find on here: WOR news 9 updates with Denise Richardson (with one about the MOVE fire in Philly, another about an Apple employee threatening Geraldine Ferraro),WCBS news teases with Michele Marsh, Picture for a Sunday Afternoon bumps, CBS promos (Late Nights, Falcon Crest finale, Caddyshack, Rod Steiger doing "An American Portrait" of Jacob Riis, Nightwatch open with Charlie Rose and a mention of the next day's ill-fated 1/28/86 Challenger launch), WPIX with an INN open and INN's Morton Dean and Cindy Vandor, 11 Alive ID, Honeymooners special with Bobby Rivers VO, those Henry Tillman promos with the World Trade Center, Yankees, Jets pre-season, At the Movies with Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, WNEW with the Hollywood's Finest and Five Star Movie bumps and lots of movie promos, Live Aid in 7 days, afternoon promo, a strange promo parodying another commercial for their sitcom line-up, news tease about LILCO and Shoreham, PM Magazine, Midday with Bill Boggs, tons more...

New Yorkers will find local ads such as Raceway Park funny cars (with that great laugh!), Nassau Farmers Market in Bethpage, WLTW (showing off their LP's), Astroland, Carvel's Dumpy the Pumpkin, Governor Tom  Kean, Meadowlands with Lena Horne, Beefsteak Charlie's, Rockbottom, New York Newsday with Met Gary Carter at Shea, NY's Lottery, WPIX-FM, Shop Rite, Pathmark (James Karen), Oliver's, New York Daily News, the 8th NY Renaissance Festival (the 7th, slightly different, is on another comp), Yonkers Raceway, "Odd Couple" with Rita Moreno and Sally Struthers, "The Personals" with Jason Alexander, "AloneTogether" with Janis Paige and Kevin McCarthy, The Wiz, Crazy Eddie with Jerry Carroll as Uncle Sam, two memorable animated Great Bear ads for mufflers and brakes, drunk driving PSA with Mario Cuomo VO, BQ Auto Wholesalers in Bellerose, Kids World amusement park, Window Factory (it's worth the trip!), Grand Union, Trump Plaza, Car Cash (two, with aliens), Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, Greater NY International Auto Show, George Zessi Furs, Profiles and Contours, Avenue I Flea Market, Leather Warehouse, Cooky's, Burlington Coat Factory (with a really odd, wide-eyed gal: "I've never seen so many coats before... yeah..."), Michelle Craig Leather and Fur Outlet, PC Richard, Marba Furniture, Arnold Buick in Babylon, Roma di Notte restaurant, Mogul 57 Indian restaurant, WBLS, and even more...

Other ads include Hair Club for Men with Sy Sperling, "Night Train to Terror" and "Warning Sign" movie ads, Amtrak (not headed for terror, as far as I know), McDonald's (a model isn't shy about chowing down), 7 Up (with Geoffrey Holder in space!), an anti-smoking PSA with teen girls dancing on butts, Le Tigre (with Eiffel Tower as phallic symbol), Perdue (Frank), a bad 80's Kids R Us spot with the prerequisite sax and Spandex, a couple of "Today in Music History" spots, Garanimals, Rock n' Roll and Golden Years LP's, Drug Abuse and Child Abuse PSA's, Black Flag (for city roaches!), Morris the Cat for 9 Lives, Time-Life Books about Nazis, Lucille Roberts "wide bottom reducing plan!", United Negro College Fund PSA, Busch Gardens, American Express with Sony head Akio Morita, Herbalife, more...

And celebrities on hand include Joan Rivers in two ads for MCI, Bryan Cranston (dressed as a skunk!) for Shield soap and shaking up a storm for Good Seasons Italian, Denzel Washington in a nutrition PSA, Heather Locklear (ogling dudes on a beach) and Brooke Shields for Jack LaLanne Holiday Spas, Alec Baldwin featured in TV Guide, Howard Keel pitching his LP, young Dana Delany for Wisk, Elle MacPherson for the Burger King salad bar (huh?), Isabella Rossellini for Lancome, Joel Higgins for Prudential-Bache, Fred Newman for Breyer's, Gene Shalit for Stage Two trivia, Michael Landon for Foster Parents Plan, Pernell Roberts for Folonari, Stephen Furst for Van de Camp's fish, Charles Nelson Reilly for dog food, Fyvush Finkel for Chapstick, Harley Jane Kozak for Lancers Wine, and others...

TC21: Like TC20, this one is also two-and-a-half hours of 1984 and 1985 between-program filler! WNEW (Star Search, 2001, late-night news headlines of October 26, 1984 read by Tom Gregory, sermonette with Bill Reel), WPIX, (Honeymooners, Wait Until Dark, INN with Pat Harper and Morton Dean, Yankees, Editorial with Richard N. Hughes, 11 Alive card, Pink Panther open, Woody Allen week) WOR (4 O'clock Movie open, news updates, game show line-up including Pee Wee Herman on the Dating Game, Dallas, Battlestar Galactica, Mr. Food, Burns and Allen), WCBS/CBS (Rolland Smith, Airwolf, Charles in Charge, Dukes of Hazzard, CBS Newsbreak with Marlene Sanders), and WABC/ABC (Love Boat, TJ Hooker, The Morning Show with Regis Philbin, Nightline)...

New Yorkers will remember DiAne's Hair Weave ("Oh, DiAne's!"), Collingwood Hotel, WBLS, WNBC (Stern and Imus billboard), Penn Hills, TCI, Albert Merrill School (Jimmie Randolph), Waldbaum's, Meadowlands, Arnold Buick in Babylon (different than TC20), Room Plus, Genovese (William B. Williams), Apex Tech, Karat Shop, Garden State Brickface, Ken Lipper for City Council, Eldee, Luchow's for Oktoberfest, NY's Lottery, Pergament, Stratton Restaurant, Pathmark, Key Food, Cooky's, so many more!

Other ads include a Hasbro toy called "Get in Shape, Girl!" (which shames scrawny pre-teen girls into donning leg warmers and exercising strenuously), as well as Public Service Announcements (Peace Corps, Alcoholics Anonymous, Social Security, food safety, arson, stranger danger, alert driving, anti-pot), Coleco's Adam Computer, Disney's World on Ice, Ivory Shampoo, Software City, Cocoa Puffs, Wildcats, Perdue (Frank is really a guy in a rubber mask?), HBO, Phone Guard (tells you if you've been bugged!), Wendy's with Clara Peller, Power for Living (with Colorado Senator William Armstrong), "Avenging Angel," "Savage Streets," "A Soldier's Story," American Bartenders School, Honey Nut Cheerios, Puerto Rico Tourism, Roto-Rooter, Colonial Williamsburg, Chams, Vote Republican, Hair Club for Men, DuPont (Pharmaceutical, paint, and Kevlar helicopter for premature deliveries), Juan Valdez for Colombian Coffee, US Treasury Gold Coins for Christmas, A.H. Robins delivers a message to women who used the infamous Dalkon Shield, Beck's Beer, Federal Express ("Dick!"), Kodak Disc Camera, Vote Mondale & Ferraro, much more...

Celebs include Pierce Brosnan for Mastercard, Heather Locklear for Jack LaLanne, little Joey Lawrence for GTE Sprint, Ronald Reagan for his re-election, Susan Anton for Mudd Mask, Bill Cosby for Jell-O Pudding Pops, DAnny Thomas for Smoker's Polident, Barbara Mandrell for Kinney, Loretta Lynn and family for Crisco, Dick (Mr. Whipple) Wilson for you-know-what, Carol Alt for Sassoon, Ricardo Montalban for Chrysler, Michel LeGrand for American Express, Lynda Carter for Maybelline, many others...

TC22: This one has local stuff from Philly on WTAF (including promos for Stepford Wives, Ropers, Black Sheep Squadron, Puttin' on the Hits, a community update, a Phillies game intro) as well as NY's WOR (news updates with Denise Richardson and Reg Wells, movie open, glitches), WPIX (11 Alive ID's, movie bumps, INN), WNEW (Movie Greats open, MASH, Taxi, National Aerobics Championships, Health Expo, news headlines with Tom Gregory) and WABC (Water Watch with Storm Field, late movie bio of Michael Rennie), tons more...

Local NYC stuff includes the 75th National Boat Show, Daily News, Aquaduct, A&P, Key Food, WYNY, WPIX-FM, Crazy Eddie, Room Plus, WLIR, WHLI (Tony Bennett),Foodtown, Newmark and Lewis, Park Avenue Armory Antique Sale, Ben Vereen in "Grind" on Broadway, "As Is" at the Lyceum, MB Juvenile Furniture, Wilson's House of Carpet in Jersey City, Stratton Restaurant, Cedarhurst Paper, Watchung Market, Kings World of Furniture, NBO, Six Flags Great Adventure (Looney Tunes), WNEW-AM (George Shearing), NJ Lottery, 1010 WINS, Grand Union, many more...

Local Philly color comes from American Auto Glass, Aaron's Mattresses (doofus dressed as king),Shop n' Bag, Broadway Chrysler (with MD poster child Jill), others...

Other advertisemants include Pepsi goofing on New Coke, A really bad Cherry Coke ad with a neon sax, Lowenbrau (racing Porsche sponsor), Bartles and Jaymes for Labor Day, Jan Miner as Palmolive's Madge, White Castle, Fotomat, Ginsu Knives, Jheri Redding for Nexxus, Disney Tourism, a weird Jordache ad, "Night Train to Terror," lots more...

Famous folks include Ian Ziering for Duncan Hines, a Diet Coke ad with Devo, Harvey Korman and Vicki Lawrence, Andy Warhol, Sgt. Slaughter and Gene Anthony Ray, a Lite ad for a bunch of sports guys with goofy names (Boobie Clark, etc.), another with John Madden, another with Bobby Bonds and cricketer Freddie Trueman, Patti Smythe (and a band that may or may not be Scandal) for Frank's Soda, Rich Hall for Roy Rogers, a Bounty ad with Nancy Walker and Margo Martindale, Made in the USA touted by OJ Simpson, Cathy Lee Crosby, Diahann Carroll and Bob Hope (Bob's in a few other ads too), Susan Anton and Marvin Hagler for Harrah's, Buddy Ebsen for insurance, Scott Hamilton for Ice Capades, Vincent Price for Enchanted World books, Mirage recording artist Shannon for Walk America, Bruce Weitz in a drunk driving PSA...

TC23: Stuff mainly from 1985, with WNEW representing a little more than half the tape, including movie promos (for Stepford Wives, Jamaica Inn, Le Mans, The Longest Day, He Knows You're Alone, Matt Lauer and Jill Rapaport of PM Magazine doing intros for Shogun), a Liberace special promo, Bill Mazur with the Jets, a news and Lotto promo, a Drunk Drivinig PSA, Big Apple Minutes (with Andrea Kirby at the Beth Israel Medical Center,  Joel Rapp at the Brooklyn Museum, Lynn White at Wave Hill), news teases with Jim Ryan and John Roland, news opens with the "It's ten PM..." intros delivered by both Andy Warhol and Bil Baird's puppet Slugger Ryan, Hollywood's Finest open and glitches. The rest of the compilation is taken from a showing of the mini-series "A.D." on WNBC/NBC, with promos for Santa Barbara, the A-Team, Highway to Heaven, Hunter, Knight Rider, Half Nelson (with Joe Pesci), Miami Vice, Late Night with David Letterman (with Jimmy Carter and Bill Cosby), tons more!

New York localness is represented by ads for Repo Auto Warehouse Auction in the Bronx with that nutty salesman, Crazy Eddie, Carvel's (Cookie Puss, cake dolls), Grand Union, Action Park, Twyla Tharp's "Singin' in the Rain" at the Gershwin, "Cats" at the Wintergarden, Henry Behr's Baby Furniture, Potamkin, Humane Society of NY, Ken Lipper for City Council, Koch election (with scenes at Sam & Joe's Meat Market), Andrew Stein election, WNEW-FM,the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Oliver's, a WNEW-FM ad with Lisa Glasburg (aka Lisa G. on the Howard 101), Castro Convertibles, Monmouth Park Racing, and more...

Celebs include Elton John for Sasson, OJ Simpson for Hertz, Christie Brinkley for Prell, Lena Horne for the Meadowlands, Joe DiMaggio for the Bowery, Dick Van Patten for Legend Pharmacies, Alan King for the North Shore Animal League (also with Loretta Clemens Tupper, aka "Emma" from the Fruit of the Loom ads), Chita Rivera for NY Tourism, Jerry Carroll (the Crazy Eddie announcer) for Yoplait yogurt (!), Loretta Lynn and family for Crisco, a John Forsythe voice-over for Michelob, Peggy Fleming for Concord Quartz, James Earl Jones doing a VO for Lutheran World Relief, Al Molinaro for Mr. Big paper towels, Tia Carrere for McNuggets, June Allyson for Depend, Tony Orlando hyping the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon, Joanna Kerns for Fruit & Fibre, Leah Ayres for Avis, lots more...

Various commercials include PSA's for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Hanes, He-Man cups at Burger King, Morris the cat for 9 Lives, Charleston Chew, Silkience, Busch Gardens, Slenderalls, Lilt, Budweiser ("Here's to Villanova"), "Mask," Fotomat, many, many more...

TC24: This one starts with a little bit off of the previous comp's ending of "A.D." along with a bit of old HBO (that movie open with the miniature model landscape, "Short Take" open), but it's mostly 1984 and '85 WOR (the 70's "4 O'clock Movie" open and most of the outro, news updates with Denise Richardson, Tom Dunn and Sara Lee Kessler, promos for the colorized It's a Wonderful Life, 1941, Batman show), WNEW (Jezebel movie intro, promos for The Mini-Skirt Mob, Goldengirl, Too Close for Comfort, Fame, Rituals, the "Forty Years of Fine Tuning" special, news updates with John Roland and an election-themed open), WNBC ("Cinema 4" movie open, Family Feud promo, editorial with Joe Michaels, Sermonette with Rabbi Reuven Siegel, sign-off and National Anthem with Wayne Howell VO), WPIX ("8 O'clock Movie" open, INN tease, True Confessions promo) and some TBS ("Late Theater" open, Mordillo animated shorts, Night Tracks promo)...

New York locality is seen in ads for the Meadowlands, Foodtown, ShopRite, A&S (Chams shirts in a bowling alley?), Lafayette's "Electronic Thing," Pathmark's sweet 16 (James Karen VO), Crazy Eddie's Christmas in August, Acme Supermarkets (offering encyclopedia sets--remember those? Stay tuned, there's a whole ad for them later...), Grand Union, An Evening Dinner Theatre touting "Promises, Promises" with Bob Morrissey and Laura McDuffie, "Dreamgirls" at the Imperial, "Zorba" with Anthony Quinn at the Broadway Theatre, "Little Shop of Horrors" at the Orpheum, Bill Cosby voicing a New Jersey tourism spot with Governor Tom Kean, NY Telephone, New York Lottery (with winner Captain Robert Cunningham and his favorite waitress, Phyllis Penzo, who got a helluva tip), NBO, 7th NY Renaissance Festival, the Yours Mine Ours Community Center in Levittown (see this one on my YT channel here!), Roma Furniture, NYC Arson PSA, Citymeals-on-Wheels PSA with Helen Hayes, Cooper Wireless Cable, QP's Marketplace, Albert Merrill School, National School of Locksmithing and Alarms, Alison Bluh for Willowbrook Nissan, so much more!

Celebrities on hand include a young Bryan Cranston seen in a P.S. Gitano ad, Elton John for Sasson, Christie Brinkley (and her mom) for Prell, Pierce Brosnan for Mastercard, Phoebe Cates for TV Guide, Priscilla Presley for Quencher, Barbara Mandrell for Kinney, John Madden for Lite beer, Rita Moreno hosting a "History in the Company of Women" spot, Vanna White hosting a "The Quality of Life" spot, Vincent Price for Tilex, John Denver for Post, Dinah Shore for Holly Farms, Telly Savalas for the Players' Club, Lynn Redgrave for Weight Watchers, Robert Klein in a PSA for the American Lung Association, Danny Thomas for Patriot Health Insurance, Rachel McLish for Jack LaLanne, Tony Randall plugging "Night of 100 Stars II," Geraldine Ferraro and daughters for Diet Pepsi, Don King for Lafayette, Steve Allen PSA for New Eyes for the Needy, many more...

More commercials: Burger King, McDonald's, Hostess (one with Twinkie the Kid, another with Captain Cupcake!), Puerto Rico tourism, Disney's World on Ice, Yoo-hoo, movie spots for "Walking the Edge" and "Oxford Blues," Epson Computers, The Gap, Just My Size pantyhose, Dianetics, Alka-Seltzer Plus at Lambeau Field with Packers' fans, Dunkin' Donuts with Michael Vale making the donuts, Christmas Favorites LP, Encyclopedia Brittanica '85 ("the key to the information age"), oodles more...

TC25: Mostly 1984 stuff from: WNEW (promos for Star Search with Michael J. Fox and movies such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Each Dawn I Die); WOR (Switch, Dallas, Hart to Hart, movies Lust for Life, A Real American Hero, Heroes of Telemark, Stranger in Our House, plus News 9 Updates with Challenger launch, 4 O'clock Movie outro, the newer Million Dollar Movie open with slight glitch); WCBS (end of the Houghton/Worth Show, full open to The Late Show and Late Late Show, Rockford Files promo, news tease, housing crisis special, promo with Jim Jensen pitching, another with a skit about Warner Wolf as a kid); WPIX (Star Movie bumps, August movie line-up, Andrea Doria special); USA (Night Flight, Commander USA's Groovie Movies, Radio 1990, Saturday Nightmares); CBN (Butterfly Island from '85); A&E (with Ellen DeGeneres in a Goodtime Cafe promo and another where they brag about their Ace Award); and just a bit of TBS.

New Yorkers will remember ads for Mount Airy Lodge (fall and summer versions), the Sunday Daily News (with Larry storch and Yankee Dave Winfield), Pathmark (with James Karen), Carvel (Father's Day Fudgie and Mother's Day flowers), Crabtree Toyota (with Mark Gastineau), Woodbridge Memorial Gardens mausoleum in Rosehill Memorial Park NJ, Leather Warehouse, Crazy Eddie, Waldbaum's, Beefsteak Charlie's, Levitz, Burlington Coat Factory, Jamesway, Seaman's, Phil Rizzuto for (what else?) the Money Store, Bay Ridge Toyota, Avenue I Flea Market (Cabbage Patch Doll giveaway), WPIX-FM (Pointer Sisters), WNEW-AM (Ted Brown), Newmark & Lewis, Jack Kahn Piano and Organ, Cadillac Carpet, J. Taffaro Lumber, Teepee Ironworks, Fortune Garden Pavilion, Potamkin, two different spots for the US Hot Rod, Truck Pull and Mud Racing Championships at the Byrne Meadowlands Arena June 21-23, much more...

Other commercials include a weird British Airways ad (with astronauts playing golf on the moon, getting left behind and going to a lunar airport filled with freaky aliens), People Magazine (10/8/84 with Farrah Fawcett on the cover), Slenderalls, Nivea, Gortons, PSA's (for Disabled American Veterans, Wilson's Disease, fire safety with Dick Van Dyke as the Great Vandini, Direct Deposit, NJ Victim's Assistance Hotline, MacGruff stranger danger, Foster Parents, Drinking and Driving with smashing glasses),a cheapo for Santo Chains, US Marines, Petrie Method institute for Hypnotherapy, Semicid Vaginal Contraceptive Suppositories, Celestial Seasonings with mellow Mo Siegel, Victor Kiam for Remington, Old Spice Christmas, Radio Shack Christmas, too many more to list...

Celebrity sightings include Elle MacPherson for Sea Breeze, Kermit and Fozzie for the National Wildlife Federation, Ed McMahon, Dom Deluise, Cheryl Ladd, Clara Peller finally finding the beef in Prego sauce, Tony Randall, Flip Wilson, plus lots of others...

TC26: Includes some New Jersey Network, Philadelphia's WTAF and WPHL, USA and WNBC network filler. From WTAF there's "All Night Long" and "Movie on 29" opens, a Teddy Bear contest, promos for the Parade of Stars Telethon, Phillies contest, New York Hot Tracks, MASH, Fame, Vegas, Taxi, National Lampoon's Hot Flashes, "Fiddler on the Roof"; WPHL has a "Moving Picture" open, promos for Bizarre, Jeffersons (with Ed Boate of Broomall), Starsky & Hutch; USA Network has their movie open and promos for hockey, boxing, wrestling, Kung Fu Theater, Heartlight City, "Goodbye Victor" with Michael Moriarity, "Edmund Kean" with Ben Kingsley, Peyton Place, Room 222, Good Morning World; NBC (and WNBC) stuff includes Chuck Scarborough New Years' Eve updates, Sue Simmons' subway vigilante updates, Jane Pauley for Today, Marv Albert, promos for New Years' Day parades and bowls, "Road Warrior," Berringer's premiere; NJN stuff includes promos for "On Stage at Wolf Trap" with Fabian, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell (sorry guys, but it's really bad), "Jean Shepherd on Route 1 and Other Thoroughfares," Statue of Liberty special, Nature, "Moviemakers" open with host Elwy Yost, plus telethon bumps showing Uncle Floyd gifts and a plea from Paul Sorvino; closes out with some WNET filler and Christmas telethon footage...

Ads include Time-Life Books "Enchanted World" (with imprisoned princess), Alberto Mousse, the cast of "Cats" for child car seat safety, PSA for the US Government Printing Office's book catalog, a shoplifting PSA, McDonald's, Keep the Torch Lit PSA, Coleco's Adam Home Computer, sexual harrassment PSA, Body Flowers spray, Pert, Pierre Cardin (very suggestive!), Celestial Seasonings' stop motion bear, American Airlines Statue of Liberty restoration, NFL Films '83 "Great Plays from Glory Days" (Super Bowl XI), many, many more...

Local ads include Philly's own Robert Hazard in an American Red Cross PSA, Krass Brothers' Ben Krass as a cowboy, Joey Reynolds for WFIL 56, Betson's, Gordons Phillips' Beauty School, Wawa Food Market, Village Fashions, Maloumian Rugs, IFR Furniture Rentals, Governor Dick Thornburgh for the lottery, Megaphone phone hotlines, WNBC short Howard Stern and Don Imus promo, Grand Union, lots more...

Celeb sightings include Joan Rivers for MCI, Tim Allen for Olds Connection Oldsmobile, Bob Saget for Atomic Tires, Christie Brinkley for Cover Girl, Scott Bakula for Shield, Burt Lancaster for MCI, Joe Kennedy for his Citizen's Energy Corporation, Aretha Franklin in a PSA for "What black Americans should know about cancer," Cliff Robertson for AT&T, Apollo 7 Commander Wally Schirra for Actifed, and once-ubiquitous Huckleberry Fox for Hallmark,

Christmas stuff includes holiday wishes from Solid Gold's Cooly and Mark (plus promos for their Xmas episode), a local Philly "Call Santa" cheapie, Carvel's Christmas Cookie Puss, Phil Rizzuto with Santa for the Money Store, Fuji Film, Fotomat, Commodore 64, the Hollywood Christmas Parade on WTAF, which also has ads for holiday eps of Happy Days, Too Close for Comfort and Laverne & Shirley, and Party Time Productions' "Christmas Extravaganza" with James Brown, the Chi-Lites, Ray, Goodman & Brown, and Dap Sugar Willie... 

TC27:  Has about a half-hour of WNET (Christmas-time pledge stuff with Andrew MacMillan, Jeffrey Lyons and Carol Silva, bits with Terry Jones, Mason Adams, Bob McGrath, Donna Pescow, Lee Roy Reams); then WTBS (Alan Hale as The Skipper delivers a "Castaway Quiz," Headline News Newswatch, Braves promos with Chuck Tanner), Lifetime, CBN...

Ads include L.L. Bean, Creedence Clearwater Revival Greatest Hits LP (also Jim Croce and Fats Domino collections), Air Force PSA, Cross Stitch Magazine, Double Mint Gum, Peanut Butter Boppers, Keep on Rockin' LP's, "The Bear Family" stuffed bear collection, Talking Bible, Cristy Lane LP's, tons more...

Celebrities seen include Bill Cosby for Jell-O Pudding, Christina Applegate in an ABC promo for "Heart of the City," NY Met Gary Carter and Seahawk Steve Largent for Ivory, Rich Little (as John Wayne) for Little Debbie, Oak Ridge Boys hamming it up for their hits LP, Bronson Pinchot, Justine Bateman and Mariel Hemingway each in their own ad for Maxwell House, Dr. Ruth for her Game of Good Sex, Ed McMahon for Mannington Floors, Serendipity Singers for Best Western, Bob Vila for Time-Life Books,others...

TC28: This one starts with a Philly WPVI Big Show outro, but the rest is NYC stuff, mostly 1986 but some earlier: WOR (9 All Night intro, editorial intro, movie promos, Mets '86 "Bring it Home" promo), WPIX (Star Movie intro, Blues Brothers promo, Honeymooners special), WNEW/WNYW (Drive-in Movie card, Movie Greats open with newsreel footage, Pablo Guzman joins news, news update with Steve Powers, Xmas promos, Popeye open, Bill Boggs), WNBC (Live at Five promos, News open, ), WNET (movie promos, open), WCBS (Late Show card, news teases and promos)...

Local businesses include "Let's Get Mets-merized" t-shirts, Grand Prospect Hall (I love this one!), Mount Airy Lodge (Spring), The Wiz (Long Island and Queens history), New York City State Fair at Shea Stadium, Kahn's Hot Dogs, Carvel, Crazy Eddie, Raceway Park, NY Telephone (touch-tone service, ooh!), Daily News, Penn Hills, Arthur's, Save-A-Thon Fabrics (with Jim Hendricks playing Rhett Butler, but he was better known as "Commander USA" of Groovie Movies), NBO Xmas, Pathmark, Martin Paint, Sneaker Corner, Stratton Restaurant, Bonds (Freddy Roman voiceover), Autoland, BQ Autos, Wall Furniture Outlet, a bunch of really bad ones for UBI schools, St. John's University (80's version), Giant Carpet, Control Data Institute, National School of Locksmithing, A&S Xmas, Kaufman Carpet, Newmark and Lewis, Commack Motor Inn (newer version), Just Shirts, Attorney Leo Conrad, Bide-a-Wee, 1010 WINS, WBLS, Kitchen Beautiful, "Little Shop of Horrors," Herman's, Lafayette Xmas, Tourneau Corner (Rado Watches--WEIRD sci-fi!), Ohrbach's Xmas, Royal Video, oodles more...

Other ads include Ice Capades with the Ewoks, Disney's "Totally Minie" LP, PSA's (for "Crack is Wack" with Melle Mel, Van Silk and the Fat Girls, Fresh Air Fund, Christmas Commercialism, NJ Foster Parents, Athletes Against Drunk Driving with Frank Gifford, AAA, anti-prejudice, cocaine with Mercury Morris, NJ Dental Association, UNICEF, Salvation Army with Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows, TechnoServe, Cancer Info, Alzheimer's, Deaf Fire Safety with Virl Osmond, United Negro College Fund, Draft Registration with Joe Montana, Lawrence Taylor and Dan Marino), Dianetics, Gospel Favorites LP's, La Choy "Kung Food Theater," many many more...

Celebrities dropping by include William H. Macy in a brief spot for Brick Church, Gary Carter selling his autographed All-Star card to benefit leukemia, Phil Rizzuto for the Money Store (with scenes of Shea), Bernadette Peters for "Song & Dance" on Broadway, The Platters for Red Lobster, Jimmy the Greek for Jiffy Lube, many others...

TC29: 2 1/2 hours! Plenty of cool stuff on this one too, from WNEW/WNYW (movie promos, evening sitcom promo, Channel 5 Movie Club outro, SFM Holiday Network host segments with Orville Redenbacher, PM Magazine with Matt Lauer, Saturday Movies), WOR (Al and Steve Albert promo, editorial reply, evening line-up promo), WABC network (Monday Night Baseball, Liberty Weekend promo, local and network news briefs, Good Morning America with David Hartman and Joan Lunden, Sports Update with Ray Gandolf, Disney stuff, news promo for wrestling story with Regis Philbin gettting his ass kicked), WNBC network (local news teases, NBC News Digest, Sunday Movie open, "Come Home to NBC" and show promos), WTBS ("Castaway Quiz" with Alan Hale Jr., lots of promos), Lifetime and Arts & Entertainment (many show and movie promos)...

Local NYC stuff includes Meadowlands, Crazy Eddie, Statue of Liberty tourism, Windowizards, Dr. Pecoraro,"A Chorus Line," King Kullen, Theo & Theo's, Wilfred Beauty Academy, Windsor World, lots more...

Other ads include the astounding Babycise from Matchbox, Disney Summer Classics, Bartles & James (in NYC), MTV with Roger Daltrey, Cabbage Patch Kids, "The Legendary Unicorn" sculpture, PSA's (for Child Support, Better Hearing with Norm Crosby, pregnancy smoking, NJ Seat Belts with members of Kool and the Gang, History Preservation, AIDS hotline, really bad anti-drug), White Castle, Roy Orbison Hits LP, Monkees Hits LP, Lenny Dee LP, McDonald's (one with the Lyric Opera of Chicago), Dewey Stevens Wine Coolers, Vaseline "Hands Across America," "Psycho III," "The Eliminators,"much more...

Celebs on hand include Bruce Willis for Seagram's, Kool and the Gang for Wendy's, Bill Cosby for Jell-O Fruit Bars, Jim McMahon for Honda Scooters, Don Meredith and Willard Scott for Lipton, Louise Mandrell and her mullet for White Rain, Rita Moreno for Pizza Hut, Patti LaBelle for Kodak, Tatyana Ali for Children's Tylenol, William "Refrigerator" Perry for Kraft Mac and Cheese, a Diet Coke spot with Tahnee Welch, Catherine Bach and Tommy Newsome, John Forsythe for Save the Children, Steve Garvey "Know When to Say When," Brave Dale Murphy for Sporting News, Cliff Robertson for AT&T, Dinah Shore for Holly Farms, Florence Henderson for Wesson, Phyllis Diller for Star Magazine, Dr. Ruth Westheimer for OK Cable, All My Children's Grace Garland live at the Magic Pan, Merlin Olson for a show about children with leprosy,lots of others...

TC30: This 1985-86 comp has more old Philadelphia stuff from KYW (including a full sign-off, Late Night Movie open, news promo and homeless teen special promos, "Come On Home" promo, Community Calender, editorial with Malcolm Poindexter), WTAF (lots of news, show and movie promos, WMMR tie-in, "Dream Girl USA" auditions, "Today in Music History" about Perry Como), and WPHL (Moving Picture open, lots of movie and show promos, 20th birthday contest and winner) , plus WTBS (Late Theater intro, Mordillo cartoons, many promos), and Nick at Nite (many promos and some Turkey Television!)

Local Philly flavor includes a "Philadelphia Pro Athletes Against Driving Drunk" spot with Julius Erving (76ers), Mike Quick (Eagles), Mike Schmidt (Phillies) and Peter Zezel (Flyers), "Night of Love" at the Academy of Music (with Jerry "Iceman" Butler, The Manhattans, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and Enchantment), Genuardi's Supermarkets, Valley Forge Addictions Program, Kerbeck Autos, Princess Furniture's 80th Anniversary, Ol' Times nostalgia store in Atlantic City, Bell of PA, a really stupid ad for Dee's Appliances, Vote for NJ simulcasting, Democrat Peter Shapiro for Governor, Clover, Dunkin' Donuts with Michael Vale, Ponderosa goofing on McDonald's, Dr. Ayes (scary teeth!), much more!

Other ads include US Navy, Statue of Liberty Centennial Commisson (with Chairman Bill Fugazy), "Ruthless People," Disney Video, Pep Boys, Perdue (Frank Perdue), Ford Thunderbird, Pogo-Bal (with San Diego Chicken), Hallmark, Bartles & Jaymes in NYC, Jamaica Tourism, "Nightmare on Elm Street 2," two for Time-Life Enchanted World Books (one with Vincent Price VO), Golden Themes from MGM LP's, Met Bobby Valentine in a brief anti-drug PSA, Special Interest Videos (Jim McKrell), Franklin Mint's World's Greatest Locomotives, Fun Rock LP's, Best of Willie Nelson LP's, Laserbeam Watch, Television's Greatest Hits LP, many more!

Famous folks include Dick Van Dyke for Hunt's BBQ Sauce, Brooke Shields for Holiday Spa, Bill Cosby for Jell-O Pudding Pops, Donna Mills for Sun Country Wine Coolers, Aretha Franklin and Jerry Butler for McDonald's McDLT, Larry Bird for Nestle, Telly Savalas for Player's Club, Henny Youngman (with Rib-It restaurant owner Paul Rimmeir), Robin Leach VO for Burger King, Fyvush Finkel for KYW News Radio, little Jenna Von Oy in a Terminix spot, JEMS Emergency First Aid Videotape with Michael Learned (they misspelled her name!) and little Jerry O'Connell, John Cougar for MTV, plenty of others!

TC31: More Nick at Nite (and more Turkey TV, including a different open and theme than the one on the previous compilation, that odd singing cow short, promos for old shows and movies), WNYW (Bill Boggs, PM Magazine in Spain, show and movie promos including a cool one for a Saturday movie line-up, Goodwill Games), WOR (newer Million Dollar Movie outro w/ VO), WPIX (movie, show, next promos), Lifetime (Moviebreak, Dr. Ruth, Working Mother Minute), USA (movie open, Wall Street Journal Daytime Report with Jan Regis, wrestling, movie and show promos including Night Flight), WTBS (show and movie promos, missing child report for Raylene Susan Hensley) and a bit of WNET...

Local New York stuff on display includes Foxes Dance Club in Jersey City, Caesar's Bay Bazaar, Harrow's Memorial Day sale, Crazy Eddie grand opening, Brooklyn Museum, Kaufman Carpet (opening in Hicksville), The Half Price Store in Brooklyn, Air Brook Transportation, Lee Chevrolet in West Sayville, Arthur's, Lennox Heating with Long Island folks, Helen Z. Battistoni Real Estate in Rhinebeck, Watchung Leisure, Attorney Leo Conrad, lots more...

Other ads seen are Dianetics, Commodore Plus 4, Miller, 30 Great Love Songs LP's, Bradford Exchange "Oklahoma" plate, M&M's, that flying mechanical bird, Lowenbrau, "Poltergeist II," Superior Training Trucking School (looks old!), Morris for 9 Lives, People Magazine with Donna Mills (6/2/86), Disney Channel, National School of Locksmithing and Alarms, Pan American School of Travel, Mississippi Queen Steamboat Vacations, Babycise by Matchbox and more...

There's also tons of great PSA's on this one, for Fire Safety (Dick Van Dyke as "The Detector"), Consumer Information Catalogs, Boating Safety (Popeye), American Red Cross African Famine Relief, "Lend a Hand," NJ Highway Safety ("The Test" and the one with the woman going into the windshield in stop-motion), Jogging Safety, Children's Aid Society (sad kid on bed), Consumer Services, Metropolitan Opera Free Concerts in Park, Water Conservation (Garden Club of America with rich kid Manou Tyson Kulukundis), Salvation Army (homelessness), CityMeals on Wheels (Helen Hayes), African Peace Corps (Ronald Reagan and Director Loret Miller Ruppe), Save the Children (Bonnie Franklin),

Other notable names on this comp include Rene Russo for some perfume knockoffs, A young Melora Hardin for Kodak, a Miller Lite "Case of the Missing Case" ad with Mickey Spillane, John Madden, Ben Davidson and others, Jenna Von Oy for Jell-O, Bryan Adams for MTV, Rob Morrow in one of his many Sports Illustrated spots, Dom DeLuise for Ziploc, Dinah Shore for Holly Farms, Jimmy the Greek for Jiffy Lube, Nancy Lopez and family for Geritol, Harry Morgan, Glenn Ford and Lorne Greene for various life insurance companies, Frankie Laine pushing his hits LP (and it appears it is ONLY on record--no tape, no CD, not even 8 track!)


TC32: All WTAF and WPHL, but some ABC and WNET, 1984-87

TC33: 1984 WOR, WPIX, WCBS network

TC34: 1984 WOR, WABC, WCBS network, WNEW


TC36: 1984 WOR, WNET, WABC network, WNBC network

TC37: 1984 WNBC network, WNEW, WNET, USA Network

TC38: 1985 USA, WPIX, WABC, WCBS, WNBC (all network stuff)

TC39: 1984-85 WTAF, WCBS network, some jitteriness

TC40: 1984 WCBS, WABC and WNBC network, WOR

TC41: 1984 WOR, WNEW WABC (local and network), Satellite Programming Network, WPIX

TC42: 1984-85 WABC, WOR, WNET, WPIX, WNEW,

TC43: 1984 WOR, WPIX, WABC, WCBS, USA, CBN, WCBS network

TC44: Finished!

TC45: Finished!

TC46: Finished

TC47: Finished!

TC48: In progress!  

(1/26/16 note: Okay, I am definitely getting a bit behind on these listings, but I hope to make some progress here in the coming weeks... Remember, you can always go to my YouTube page, because I've been adding videos as I go...)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movies with Commercials as Recorded in the Eighties!

I thought it would be cool to offer folks a chance to see these old movies just as they aired in the eighties on the local stations, so you can watch it as you would have then, with station ID's, local ads and even the occasional glitches. (8/4/15 add: I'm just beginning to list some of the ads found in each program to give a better idea of what you'll get.) Most are two-hour airings, so that's what I would trade for. (Here's the rest of my collection, to give you an idea of what interests me.) If you have nothing to trade, we can work it out...

MOVIES WITH COMMERCIALS updated 12/1/15 (with more on the way)
Dates recorded and time of day aired are listed when known. I'm working to make sure opens and outros are listed when intact.
(n = network airing)



The Abduction of Saint Anne (1/28/86 w/ opening hour of "Nightwatch" which mentions impending Challenger launch)
Alice in Wonderland (n miniseries, 12/8-9/85)
Coming out of the Ice (n)
Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway (Late Show 7/86 July 4th ads)
The Desperate Miles (n 6/84 "Late Show," followed by some of "Late Late Show" Death Squad)
Ellis Island (parts 1-3 n 11/11/84, jitters)
The Family Nobody Wanted 
Games Mother Never Taught You (n)
Hard Knox (n 12/31/84)
Intimate Strangers (n)
Kane and Abel (parts 1-3 )
Loving Couples
M*A*S*H "Goodbye Farewell and Amen" (repeat network airing of last episode, 9/18/84)
Man in the Wilderness (n CBS Late Night)
Mistral's Daughter (parts 1-3 n 9/24-26/84)
Not in Front of the Children (n)
Oceans of Fire (n Tues)
Robert Kennedy and His Times (parts 1 and 2 n, 1/85)
Silence of the Heart (10/30/84 n)
Warm Hearts, Cold Feet (n 87)
"Yearbook: Class of '67" special (5/21/85)


A.D. (four-part network mini-series, second part has 11pm news open)
Enola Gay (n, Sun 8/19/84)
Hard Knox (12/31/84 n)
I Cover the Waterfront ("Cinema 4" w/ station sign-off)
Marco Polo (9/84, network mini-series, parts 1-4: Part two has the local news and some "Tonight Show" after; part three is preceded by last half-hour of "A-Team"; part four has full local news after)
Poison Ivy (n Sun Movie 6/29/86)
Royal Variety Performance (ballet, one hour show w/ news open, 1985 copyright, 86 airing)

WNEW (now WNYW) 5

American Caesar (MacArthur doc, parts 1&2)
By Love Possessed
Call Me Bwana (WNYW 5/86, Memorial Day)
A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim 12/85)
The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell (w/ late-night news read)
Dear Heart (9/28?/84, has News Headlines with Tom Gregory)
Double Indemnity (WNYW, 4?/86)
Goodbye, Mr. Chips (orig.)
Guardian of the Wilderness (onscreen title: Mountain Man "Hollywood's Finest")
The Good Earth
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  (Channel 5 Movie Club)
The Hucksters (5/85)
Jezebel (8/84)
The Lady from Shanghai (5/85 Movie Greats w/old trailers)
Mata Hari
Monsieur Beaucaire (WNYW 4/86)
Moses the Lawgiver (4/85, parts1-3, last part with full News Headlines, partial sermonette)
Only Angels Have Wings (10/26?/84)
Passage to Marseilles (w/10pm News open)
Sex and the Single Girl (Channel 5 Movie Club, host Helen Gurley Brown, has 50m. of "On Stage America")
Shampoo (7/6/85)
Shogun (six two-hour parts, first part has no ads, last part has some 10 pm news)
Son of Lassie (w/ "Get Smart" and sign-off, but all bad video)
Ten Gentlemen From West Point 86 (SFM Holiday Network hosted by Orville Redenbacher) (This was on WNEW, right? There are no channel 5 bumps or promos at all, but I recall SFM being on WNEW. Also, there's no indication of date other than an ad for the sci-fi flick "Eliminators," which was released in January 1986.)
Them! (WNYW)
Tora! Tora! Tora! (C5MC 12/8/84, 2:49)
Two Years Before the mast (WNYW, 86)
Up the Down Staircase (late)
Wild and Woolly (7/11/85, late?)
Words and Music
Yours, Mine and Ours (7/7/8)
(also, w/o movie: end of news, sermonette, sign-off)


The Babysitter (n Sat. Movie 6/28/86)
Bye Bye Braverman (partial Sunday Night Movie open)
Fair Wind to Java (1/85, late)
Five Fingers
Heartsounds  (n 9/30/84)
The Hindenburg (Saturday Night Movie, beginning cut off?)
In Enemy Country (double feature w/ Merrill's Marauders)
The Last Days of Pompeii (5/6-8/84 mini-series parts 1-3, last part includes partially taped-over WNEW: David Susskind Show, News Headlines with Ed Ladd [older title card], sermonette by Sylvia Herz, sign-off)
The Main Event (n 8/1?/85)
A Man Could Get Killed (late)
Malibu (parts 1&2) (12/85 n)
Mary, Mary 12/25/84 (late)
The Mating Season (late)
Merrill's Marauders (2nd half of d.f.)
Night of Courage  (n, 1/12/87)
The Night They Saved Christmas (12/20/84 n)
Red Garters (Sun. N.M.)
Royal Flash (late)
A Sensitive,  Passionate Man (w/end of Headline Chasers 12/85 late)
She Lives (7/85 late)
Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (Sun. Night Movie open, no outro)
Three Wishes of Billy Grier (n)
"20/20" (full hour, Katherine Hepburn interview, 87?)
A Wing and a Prayer (2/86)
Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (late)
Wild in the Streets (late)
World of Disney "Deacon Street Deer" (5/85)


Americathon (4p)
Boardwalk (1/85)
Caboblanco (11/85)
Calamity Jane (partial outro)
Cattle Queen of Montana (7/85 late, w/Joe Franklin opening segment)
Conduct Unbecoming (Million Dollar Movie)
Congo Crossing
Conspiracy of Hearts (full "Movie 9" outro)
Doc Hooker's Bunch (late, w/Joe Franklin open)
Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding (85, 9 All Night)
For Ladies Only (newer MDM outro)
The Fortune Cookie (10/5/84)
Gambit (1/85)
The Glenn Miller Story (10/84)
The Glory Guys (8/84)
Griffin and Phoenix: a Love Story
The Gunfighter (w/ some HLN 4/86)
Gunga Din (12/84)
The Guru  Easter (85, 9AN)
The Harrad Experiment
Honeymoon Hotel
I Accuse (w/ CNN news open)
Imitation of Life (10/5/84)
I Was a Male War Bride
Khartoum (full 70's Million Dollar Movie open)
Kiss Them for Me
The Last Days of Pompeii  (1935)
Love in the Afternoon (9/17/84 but has 70's "4 O'clock Movie" open)
Missiles of October
More Than Friends (85)
Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (86)
Mr. Lucky
Murder, Inc. (4p w/ Mets end)
Never Steal Anything Small (9/8)
The Oklahoma Kid (5/86 w/ 35m. of "Best of Joe Franklin")
Operation Thunderbolt (Monday Movie Classics, full outro)
The Prince Who Was a Thief (4p, 12/28/84)
Seventh Avenue (parts 1-3 )
The Silent Partner
Stage Door (9AN)
Stand By Your Man
Target Unknown (6/86)
Ten-thousand Bedrooms (MDM, abbreviated open, outro cut off 8/84)
There's a Girl in My Soup (7/85 w/start of Hawaii 5-O)
This Earth is Mine (84 MDM w/open)
Thunder Bay (w/start of Headline News)
Tobruk (4p)
To Hell With Heroes (85, 9AN)
The Train (full MDM outro)
Two-Faced Woman (10/5?/84)
Walk, Don't Run (almost full MDM outro)
Walk on the Wild Side (not WOR?)
When Comedy Was King (w/glitches)
The Women (8/85)


Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1/15/85)
All Mine to Give (Channel 11 Film Festival, old)
Bell Book and Candle (8p 12/28/84) (WPIX stuff includes 8 O'clock Movie open, promos for Odd Couple, That's Entertainment, Rebecca, Poseidon Adventure, INN's year-end special, Blue Bonnet Bowl, Alive & Well's Mike Cherik telling about a New Year's Midnight Run in Central Park; other ads for Boar's Head Ham, Money Store with Phil Rizzuto (dressed as Santa giving out Cabbage Patch Dolls), A&P, Perdue, Cooky's, Crazy Eddie, Sterling Optical, Jack Kahn Organs, SMA, Santa buckling up PSA, Henny Youngman for NY Telephone, lots of champagne ads for New Year's, tons more!)

Black Narcissus
Bobby Deerfield (11/1/84) (WPIX stuff includes promos for movies in general, Woody Allen week, Honeymooners, Melvin & Howard, Rollercoaster, INN tease with Pat Harper and Brad  Holbrook; A short WNBC Howard Stern/Don Imus spot, Cooky's, Key Food, Macy's and Bamberger's, "A Soldier's Story," Ivory Shampoo, Federal Express ("Dick!"), WBLS, Charmin (Mr. Whipple), Al D'Amato and his mom for his election, Bob Quinn for Congress, Ronald Reagan for his re-election, Heather Locklear for Jack LaLanne, Loretta Lynn for Crisco, Don Galloway for Citibank, many more! Also includes the beginning minutes of "Three Wishes of Billy Grier," under WABC.)

A Bridge Too Far (Mon 11/19/84
Caravans (85)
Charade  (2/85)
Diary of Anne Frank (9/84)
Gray Lady Down (beginning cut off 9/27/84)
A High Wind in Jamaica (1/14/85)
A Little Sex
Long Ago Tomorrow (12/84 C11FF)
Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (12/84)
Magnificent Seven Ride! (preceded by end of "At the Movies")
Notorious (10/84)
The Notorious Landlady (12/84)
Pearl (three two-hour parts; first part has no commercials, last part has INN open and segment)
Pennies From Heaven
Pueblo (5/86)
The Red Badge of Courage (w/ "Monsters" open 5/86)
Reflections in a Golden Eye Star Movie (8/84) (WPIX stuff includes promos for August movies, Andrea Doria special, Holocaust 2000; other ads include summer at Mt. Airy Lodge, Waldbaum's, NJ Memorial Park mausoleums, Petrie Method Institute of Hypnotherapy, Room Plus, Albert Merrill School, Garden State Brickface, Computer Learning Center, Airco, Control Data Institute, Taylor Business Institute, Robert Fiance Business, Apex Tech welding, Teepee Ironworks, Taggart's, DeVry '81, TV Guide, the Pointer Sisters for WPIX-FM, Jimmy Connors for Tennis magazine, runner Joan Benoit for Dole, many more!)

Sex and the Married Woman
Someone at the Top of the Stairs (Channel 11 Film Festival)
Spellbound (10/84)
Stage Struck (w/ Superfriends open)
St. Louis Blues
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (8/85 Star Movie) (WPIX stuff includes two promos for "Henry Tillman," plus Benson, Yankees vs. White Sox, editorial ("Reagan and Terrorism"); other ads include a PSA for United Way, The Karat Shop, Penn Hills, TCI, DeVry, Sunny Day Home Food Service, Albert Merrill School, American Bartenders School, Craftmatic, Apex Tech, Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, Pfeister Barter Future Card, Bill Cosby for Jell-o Pudding Pops, Susan Anton for Mudd Mask, many more!)

Three Coins in the Fountain (1/85) (WPIX promos for Benson, Wait Until Dark, True Confessions, INN break with Pat Harper and Morton Dean, plus Mount Airy Lodge, Collingwood Hotel, Antonovich Furs, Carvel Flying Saucers, Kleinsleep, NYNEX car phones, Flemington Furs, Dellwood, New York's Lottery, New York Post, Jaclyn Smith for Holiday Spa, Lyle Alzado for TV Guide,  Software City, many more!)
Under the Yum Yum Tree 12/84

Union Station (8/85, 90m. movie, so this includes episode of "Pink Panther" plus partial PP ep; five cartoons total) (WPIX opens for 12:30 Star Movie and Pink Panther, fireworks bumps, Richard N. Hughes editorial (NJ monorail), "Henry Tillman" promo, plus other ads for Hasbro's "Get in Shape, Girl!" Wildcats, Craftmatic, TCI, Ken Lipper for City Council President, Albert Merrill School, American Bartenders School, US Auto School, The Karat Shop, Garden State Brickface, Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, Apex Tech, Four Seasons LP's,Pop Tarts, Cocoa Puffs, Joan Rivers for MCI, Susan Anton for Mudd Mask, many more!)
Wait Until Dark
A Woman of Substance (parts 1-3, 12/10-12/84)
You Came Along (8/85 Star Movie) -- Listing is work in progress: (WPIX stuff includes two "Henry Tillman" spots, Yankees promos spotlighting Don Baylor and Dave Righetti, The Formula;Albert Merrill School ("Robots are here!"), Garden State Brickface, Apex Tech, DeVry, )
Zulu (Sunday Movie Special)


Beau Geste (one break, some stuff at end)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (only one promo at end)
Escape (bits before and after)
Fahrenheit 451 (break, sign-off)
If I Were King (12/31/84 w/ start of Julia Child)
"Ingrid" (I. Bergman doc, w/ telethon pledge breaks)
Love Me Tonight (w/ "Cinema 13" open)
"The Snow Queen" (ballet, same telethon as "Ingrid")
"Song of Survival" (bit of network filler at end)
"The Story of Chaim Rumkowski and the Jews of Lodz"



Florian (w/ sign-off 8/86)
Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hey!


An Affair to Remember (5/85)
The Cavern
Promises in the Dark
Robin and the Seven Hoods (12/26/84, late, w/full ep of Perspectives, sign-off)
Secret Ceremony (1/85)
Texas Across the River (10/84)


The Appaloosa (9/84)
Attack Force Z (9/85)
Castle Keep
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (S. Tracy)
A Gathering of Eagles
Green Mansions
Heroes of Telemark
The Ipcress File (w/start of Pink Panther cartoon)
Murphy's War (xmas)
No Way to Treat a Lady (w/start to Billy Graham)
Ryan's Daughter (9/84, 3 1/2 hrs)
Sky Riders
The Slender Thread (Late Show)
Sons of Katie Elder (end only)
The Sunshine Patriot
They Call Me MISTER Tibbs!
The Yellow Rolls Royce

WTAF (now WTXF) 29
Annie Hall
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (10/29/84)
Back From Eternity (6/86)
Battle of the Coral Sea (9/84)
The Best of Enemies (xmas 85)
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
The Conversation
The Destructors (86)
The Devil's Hand (1/19/85 "Theater Bizarre")
The Great Houdinis
The Hallelujah Trail (xmas)
A Hatful of Rain (84)
The Howards of Virginia (6/25/86)
I Never Sang For My Father (xmas 85)
I Remember Mama (Nightlife Theatre 9/84)
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Jubal (xmas 85)
Judgment at Nuremberg
The Juggler
King Solomon's Mines
The Last Four Days (84)
The Lieutenant Wore Skirts
The Moon is Blue
The Mouse That Roared
Nevada Smith(85)
Never a Dull Moment
The Pumpkin Eater
Saturday's Hero (9/86)
True Confessions


Arts & Entertainment
Out of the Blue (w/ 1973 animated short "A Bird's Life)

Butterfly Island (mini-series 85)
Pied Piper of Hamelin

Mission to Paradise
Rachel's Man
Smash Palace (85)
Topper Takes a Trip (9/86)
When Angels Fly

New Jersey Network
Andy (preceded by 15 m. of Rory Gallagher concert)
Next Time We Love (6/86, has break early, open of "Movie Makers" at end)
Walking My Baby Back Home (telethon)

Nickelodeon (Nick at Nite)
King of the Turf (with "Turkey Television" open and most of episode)
The Red House (with different "Turkey TV" open)

Don Adams Roast (no comm, w/sign-off)

Satellite Programming Network
A Farewell to Arms

Carnival in Costa Rica
Evita Peron
The First Legion
Judith (85)
Hell's Angels
The Lion
My Best Friend's Wife (followed by Kim Carnes video)
Sister Kenny (85)
Teenage Rebel (85)
Tess of the Storm Country
Vicki (85) /

Bombardier (5/86)
Dear Ruth (86)
The File on Thelma Jordan (86)
God is My Co-Pilot
It's a Small World ("Leave it to Beaver" pilot, shown on "New LitB")
The Macomber Affair
Man With a Million (w/ some "Perry Mason" 86)
That Hamilton Woman
"Tom & Jerry Show" (open only, so-so video)
Wings of Fire
Wives and Lovers (86)

Unknown Stations  For whatever reasons, my notes don't reflect what channels these were recorded from: About Face / Bedtime Story /  City Beneath the Sea / The Fabulous Dorseys / For Love and Honor (network airing, NBC?) / Great Catherine / Goldwyn Follies / Judy Garland: The Concert Years / Rock Around the Clock / Susan Slept Here / The Yellow Cab Man