TV Commercials of the 70's and 80's

Here are some listings of my seventies and eighties commercial compilations culled from the thousands in my collection. I'm always open to trades (VHS and DVD)--but if you have nothing to trade, email me anyway (pgsaur at frontier dot com OR hugo1000faces at gmail dot com) if you are interested in anything here!

Friday, April 02, 2010

New York City EXTRA!

I made this compilation as an accompaniment to the "NYC Local" collection. On that one, I tried to include as many different local ads as possible, whereas this one has many more of the familiar stores and channel ID's (some not listed here for a little extra surprise here and there).

I also included a number of national and regional spots just because I remembered them so well from my Long Island childhood that I figured others would find them memorable too. There's also quite a few Christmas commercials that I omitted from the NYC collection because I had already put them on my "Christmas & Toys" compilation. Unfortunately, there are some repeats from the "NYC Local" collection--an oversight on my part--but only a few.

Jet Net - Some junky outdoors toy, the kind with metal hinges that pinched the crap out of the web between your thumb and forefinger, usually leaving a blood blister. Fun!

Pathmark - James Karen

Mays - Summer

Fun Fountain - By Wham-O! This one always made me laugh cuz the last kid running through the fountain gets clocked by the plastic clown hat.

Korvettes - Memorial Day sale

WHN - Freddie Fender.

Good Morning New York bump, WABC

Heartbeat LP

Pulsar watches - Really racy for a commercial which aired during afternoon cartoons. ("It's the time of desire! Pulsar! Pulsar!")

Pure Gold LP, K-Tel (slight announcer flub at end)

Slinky '77 - Groovy orange shag carpet.

Star Wars Early Bird kit '77 (mailed in early '78)

Korvettes - Election Day

Mike Douglas WCBS card (Elton John in NYC)

Koch for Mayor, partial

Korvettes - car care sale

Burger King - in person, Sayreville NJ, 6/10/78

WABC Musicradio, brief

Two Guys - white sale

Look of Love LP

Two Guys - Dollar Days

Nemark & Lewis - That guy.

Mays - "Pre-Washington's Birthday sale"

Crazy Foam - robot cans ("Foam-a-tron")

Crazy Eddie - electronics

Dumb Ditties K-Tel LP - animated (Morton Meatball)

Korvette's - music sale

Music Magic K-Tel Lp

Mays - Spring menswear. Polyester vested suits, $49.99. Sweet.

Power Play LP, K-Tel ("In tune with the 80's")

Chams du Baron - The Chams man, who seems like a real turd. But discolicious!

Bonjour - A&S (to tune of Frere Jacques)

Goldiggers jeans by Jetset. Really pushing the jeans craze on the kiddies.

Crazy Eddie - Christmas in August

Ferrari Jeans - Cafeteria disco!

Crazy Eddie 84 - computers

Musicland - New Wave! Stupid!

Woolworth & Woolco - AFX race sets

Sergio Valente - Roller disco! (With, I think, Stephen Shortridge, lesser Sweathog.)

Pathmark - 30th anniversary sale, 3/28/81

Ohrbach's - Strawberry Shortcake shop ("for girls," they add needlessly). Says on-screen announcer, "There is exciting big values [sic] coming your way."

Tale Lord Jeans '81

Full Tilt LP, K-Tel (Strange, brief scene of Darth Vader watching Debbie Harry)

Spiderman Fluff Flyer - According to VO, "almost everyone" will love it. Were they worried about a lawsuit?

Superhero Power Shields by Funstuff

Burger King Star Wars glasses, Jayne Modean, until 2/2/1978

Pathmark - James Karen, 3/15/81

Mays - 9th store in Scarsdale (shortly before dropping back to four stores), shows old footage of founder Joe Weinstein

(Coupla cool quickies in here)

McDonald's sports mugs

Two Guys - Preschool toys

Luv-It clothes, Dana Plato, 1980 ("I used to dress like a real dog...")

RIF (Reading is Fundamental) PSA, Ed Asner

Crazy Eddie - Richie Rich in-store appearance, NJ, 10/22/83

Mays - Election Day (down to four stores)

Dancing Madness LP, K-Tel (Weird VO sounds like a cross between Otto Mann and Bababooey.)

Two Guys - Back to school

McDonald's grand opening, 1972. This actually aired in the Detroit area, but I recall this national spot so well (and the old blue uniforms) that I included it.

Dunkin' Donuts, Mason Reese for Munchkins. Odd boy.

Super Puff basketball. Mom pretends to play, but is really only blocking the furniture. She knows it's just foam rubber, but she can't help herself.

Burger King, Knicks tickets offer thru 12/30/78

Korvette's - Food processors and hair dryers

ABC Sunday Movie open

Shop Rite - 2/10/79

Willoughby camera, Manhattan. Really bad actor.

Carvel, Valentine's Day, Cupie the Chocolate Nut. Tom chuckles.

Great Adventure

Lung Association

WPLJ ("Caring about you and the music.")

Woolworth Woolco, Halloween (Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Holly Hobbie)


Music Machine LP, K-Tel, Robby the Robot gets down.

Solid Gold LP

Crazy Eddie - Christmas

WHT (Superman, 10)

WCBS radio promo, brief

Kids R Us


Two Guys - Race sets, Lionel trains

Mays - Christmas

WNEW card

Mays - Back to school girls

Woolworth Woolco - Albums

Ice Capades, Dorothy Hamill (MSG, Nassau Coliseum)

Crazy Eddie '83 - Stereos ("...the all-new compact disc system.")

Macy's '83 - After Christmas clearance


I Love NY Lottery - Estelle Harris (George Costanza's mom)

Mays - Father's Day

WPIX "We'll return..."

Toys R Us - Halloween (Yoda, Big Bird costumes), animation, '80

Macy's & Bambergers - Billy the Kid boys' fashions. Scott "Flick" Schwartz shops (with a guy I hope is his father) and gets way too enthusiastic about it.

Crazy Eddie Christmas

Two Guys - More preschool toys

WNEW card

Shrinky Dinks, Puffi-Fuzzi

WNEW cards

Ceaser's Bay Bazaar, Christmas

Romper Room, WOR

Bonjour - Macy's (eerie shot of WTC in background, small plane flies toward it)

Playworld - one with little kid "singing" baritone at end

Jack LaLanne - So very 70's.


WPIX card

Coca-Cola - Christmas ("I'd like to buy the world a home, furnish it with love...")

10 jeans

MTV ("You'll never look at music the same way again.")

Tropicana, Atlantic City

Ferrari Jeans (Couple lays down, their denimed asses creating a vast horizon. You'll see.)


Activision hockey, Phil Hartman

WNEW cards

Crazy Eddie '81 - clearance

Beefsteak Charlie - "Feast for One" (with creepy, cartoon-voiced nephew character)

The Admiralty, Mammoth Beach, NJ

Stride Rite, Strawberry Shortcake, Harry's Shoes in Manhattan ('81?)

Crazy Eddie '81 - Telephones

Crazy Eddie '81 - video

Mays - Mother's Day

WNEW card

Caldor - Christmas sale

Crazy Eddie '83 - microwaves ("Chicken not included.")

Crazy Eddie '83 - Christmas

Crazy Eddie'83 - Steve Miller LP, Abracadabra video

Fussy Customer Stores, NJ, animated

Joujou jeans

White Castle '80 - Serendipity Singers (check out the bad lip synching of the last line!)

Zena jeans - Boating fun with a trio of small-chested ladies. Must've been the thing at the time.

Beefsteak Charlie - Free shrimp!

Crazy Eddie '82? - Christmas

New York Telephone

Jordache - Macy's, amusement park, Radio City Christmas show offer

Sands, Atlantic City (This woman looks just like Lana Clarkson, but I can't say for sure...)

Crazy Eddie '80

WCBS news, Jim Jensen, Rubik's Cube story

Toys R Us - Christmas '76, animated

Toys R Us - Arte Johnson

Woolworth & Woolco - Christmas

Penn Estates, NJ

Better Business Bureau PSA, Abominable Snowman puppet

Kahn's Meats - animated

Phone Guard (Some NY radio announcer for a phone tap warning system!)

Weekly Reader books, Sweet Pickles '77, with animation

Chardon jeans - Larry Bird in an arcade

Penn Hills, Poconos ("For lovers only...")

Toys R Us - Superheroes in person, '80

Emerson ("Mamasan! Papasan! Emerson!")

Wildcats by Buster Brown

McDonald's - Winter Magic

The Bowery - Joe DiMaggio

Life cereal - Mikey!

Energy PSA (Earth's fuel gauge hits empty: "What then?")

Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum ("Time was...")

FDNY PSA, stay out of empty buildings

White Plains Galleria - Christmas

Duncan Yo-yos - Disco Duncan, one of my favorites.

Korvette's - Fall and Winter sale (read: going out of business sale)

International gourmet pan

Zimm Zamm ("Kazoo not included.")

WPIX movie card

Medic-Alert bracelets, Dana Plato

Magic Show kit, Marshall Brodein (you know, Wizzo the Wizard).

NBC stars (such as Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce) wish you "Merry Christmas." Includes WNBC's Jack Cafferty and Sue Simmons.

Jay & the Americans Greatest Hits (with Jay Black in his electric blue satin outfit, yeesh)

Zena jeans - Bo Derek lookalike

Shrinky Dinks - Glow in the Dark

Chock Full o' Nuts coffee - Page Morton Black and Pinocchio

Koch for governor

Flemington Cut Glass - NJ, Founder's Sale

National Kidney Foundation, Gary Coleman

Lite Beer by Miller, Billy Martin

United Way - Staten Island Meals on Wheels, Wesley Walker

Reflections LP, K-Tel

Emotions LP, K-Tel

Freezy Freakies gloves at A&S

Jordache at Macy's

RIF, Carol Burnett

Lite Beer from Miller - Bowling tournament with Rodney Dangerfield, Billy Martin, Bubba Smith, Dick Butkis, John Madden, Ben Davidson, Boog Powell, Steve Mizerak, et al...

Greater NY Blood Program PSA

ABC nutrition PSA - Timer makes "Wagon Wheels!"

Lite Beer, Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner ("You're hired.")

Money Store, Phil Rizzuto

Crazy Eddie '84 - Video

Fortunoff, Lauren Bacall

McDonald's - Winter Fun

WOR news, Jennifer Valoppi, '88

WOR, Rolland Smith, '88

Avenue I Flea Market

Harrow's - Election Day Christmas sale, '88

PM Magazine - Uncle Floyd segment, '82 I think

Amityville Horror '79

Let's Disco instructional LP, K-Tel

United to Broadway show tours - actual casts of A Chorus Line, The Wiz, Annie, Dracula (Frank Langella)

Magic Cow, Dairy Association - Add drink mix to milk and then add a scoop of ice cream. I blame Magic Cow for kick-starting the obesity epidemic.

WOR 9 All Night open

Bamboo Steamer - Great for when you want all your food to taste the same.

TV Guide - Valerie Bertinelli cover, 3/5/83

Manhattan Special coffee soda - Al Passaro, Mr. Personality.

Apex Tech - That guy. He can't call you.

Jamaica tourism- ("Make it Jamaica, again.")

United to Broadway - casts of Cats, Dreamgirls, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, plus the Rockettes and Brooke Shields

WOR Million Dollar Movie

Carvel - Cookie Puss! (His real name is Celestial Person, BTW.)

WOR News Digest with Denise Richardson

WPIX FM - Air Supply, Will Vinton claymation


WHT - Star Wars

Ultra Brite toothpaste - A really dumb early 80's effort to close it out.