TV Commercials of the 70's and 80's

Here are some listings of my seventies and eighties commercial compilations culled from the thousands in my collection. I'm always open to trades (VHS and DVD)--but if you have nothing to trade, email me anyway (pgsaur at frontier dot com OR hugo1000faces at gmail dot com) if you are interested in anything here!

Friday, November 03, 2006

CHRISTMAS & TOY COMMERCIALS of the 70's and 80's!

This is a two-hour tape of over 200 commercials. More than a quarter of the tape is made up of Christmas-themed commercials and the rest are toy ads. By the way, I created this compilation, though I often see it turn up online elsewhere--which is fine, except they always cut-and-paste my exact descriptions. Anyway, here's what you'll see: (work in progress, more description coming!)

United States Postal Service - Robert Klein, Milton Berle, Rose Marie, Willie Mays, Bobby Riggs and Lynn Redgrave behoove you to mail your cards early.

Toys R Us - "Fireplaces glowing, icicles growing, hearts overflowing with cheer, it's that wonderful season we all find so pleasing, the Toys R Us time of year! The world's greatest toy store is Toy's R Us, the biggest selection, Toys R Us... It's the Toys R Us time of year!" Geoffrey, Gigi and kids cruise around in a convertible while it's snowing (hey, they're giraffes) in this great animated spot. (1976)

Ronco Mr. Microphone - The original, including "Hey, good looking, we'll be back to pick you up later!" The guy boogie-ing down the street singing "Jingle Bells" is worth the price of admission right there.

Crazy Eddie- New York City local ad. Features Jerry Carroll and stoned CE employees.

WCBS - Michelle Marsh, Ed Koch, Peter Allen & Noo Yawkas wish you Merry Christmas!

R.B Rice Sausage - Animated spot with anthropomorphic animals breaking bread.

"Casper's First Christmas" will return card

Woolworth and Woolco - The Tyco Z-28 racing set.

Toys R Us - Arte Johnson, with bad French accent, hawks the Fresh n' Fancy cosmetic kit. (1980)

Ace Hardware - Suzanne Somers helps Santa out, singing "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man." (The last word was later changed to 'folks' for political correctness' sake.) (1982)

Mays - Mattel Electronic Football and other electronic games.

Underoos - Kids get Spiderman, Hulk, Batman and Batgirl Underoos for Christmas.

Radio Shack - Electronic games.

Dial-a-Santa - That would be 976-3636 in the NY area. With little Peter Billingsley, years before his turn as Ralphie in "A Christmas Story."

Korvettes - Farrah Fawcett-Majors Glamor Center styling head, Wonder Woman Doll.

Burger King - What kid didn't want a stuffed cloth Burger King doll?

Macy’s - The Thanksgiving Day parade and the start of Christmas sales.

Coca-Cola - "I'd like to buy the world a home, furnish it with love, grow apple trees, honeybees and snow-white turtle doves. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company..." Multi-ethnic young people holding candles sit on a hillside in the shape of a Christmas tree. Warm n' fuzzy. Or nauseating--your call. "From your bottler of Coca-Cola."

Mays - Selling Mountain King Christmas trees, plus "lovely nightgowns" and "luxurious robes" for mom.

Ronco Record Vac - See Ron Popeil himself in a cableknit sweater clean his Mantovani with this device, and a young blonde chickie shake her moneymaker to "The Entertainer." Has the familiar "Deck the Halls" tune at the end, hence its inclusion. Announcer asks, "Does dirt and static electricity make your records sound like this?" I answer, "Yes they does."

Ronco Potato Chip Maker - If you like your chips thin, greasy and dark brown, this is evidently for you. ("Deck the Halls" again...) "Also a fancy food cutter!"

Byrne Dairy - Cute local (regional?) ad using Fisher-Price Little People in stop-motion animation.

Macy’s - After-Christmas sale. (1983)

Pepsi - Pre-Cosby Show Keshia Knight Pulliam cutes it up with other kiddies making decorations.

Wendy’s - Watch the mother try not to barf as she bites into a Wendy's burger.

Pepsi - Disney toys offer. (1979)

Radio Shack - Ike Eisenman plays pong.

Hershey’s Kisses - "Inside this little Hershey's kiss..." (1979)

Mattel Electronics - Otis the drunk (that is, actor Hal Smith) dresses as Santa in a football helmet to hawk those old-school Mattel handheld games. (1980)

JC Penney - Sweaters, shirts and a seriously cheap set.

Ceaser’s Bay - Brooklyn flea market. This commercial looks like it could have been shot anytime between 1980 and now.

Michelob - "Holidays were made for Michelob, holidays were made for special friends." John Forsythe and Barbara Babcock host pals at a sophisticated, beery holiday gathering.

Korvettes - Christmas countdown, with Mego's Wonder Woman Collapsing Tower set.

Mays - Toy sale.

Crazy Eddie - Jerry Carroll in rare calm repose.

Alexander’s - "For Christmas shopping... I browse through Bloomingdale's, I tip-toe through Tiffany's, but I buy at Alexander's, I buy gifts at Alexander's... I'm sauntering through Saks, meandering through Macy's..." There's another version later on the tape.

Hill’s - The best thing about this one for Hill's toys is at the very beginning... The camera pans over toy aisles and there's a Shogun Warriors endcap! Brief, but cool!

Two Guys - Preschool toys.

TSS - Christmas sale on Dancerella and Coleco Telstar Galaxy.

Skaggs - In an old Looney Tunes clip, Yosemite Sam yells "What's all the fuss about, Skaggs?" "It's the sounds of Christmas '78, Sam!" says the voiceover, then we get a sequence of toys being noisily played. Skaggs is a chain of drugstores, so the toys are plenty lame. (1978)

McDonald’s - Great winter-themed ad with many memorable images--foosball, kid pretending to eat french fry through McDonald's window, employees in blue uniforms, and that big white bag.

Genovese - William B. Williams dressed as Santa.

Crazy Eddie - Microwave ovens for Christmas. "Chicken not included." (1983)

United - Animated spot.

Ronco Mr. Microphone - A later 80's version. Forward-thinking Ron Popeil added a brief bit showing that it works in Spanish too!

Pebbles cereal - Fred and Barney somehow celebrate Christmas. (1981)

NBC - Stars of Little House: A New Beginning, CHiPs, Voyagers (Jon Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce), Love Sidney, Fame, Diff'rent Strokes, Facts of Life, Father Murphy, Gimme a Break, Silver Spoons and Real People (plus Sue Simmons and Jack Cafferty from NYC"s Live at 5) wish you happy holidays.

Union 76 - Character actor Richard X. Slattery (trust me, you'd know him if you saw him) in a nice, wordless Christmas interlude.

Andre champagne - Ting!

KPIX - San Francisco station bumpers.

CBS "special" intro - You know, that short bit that heralded showings of Rudolph and Charlie Brown, with spinning, colorful letters and dramatic percussion and horns... it still sends a chill down my spine!

Barbie Dream House - Long ad with Benson's Missy Gold. Believe it or not, the song heard is "Barbie Girl," but this one is to the tune of "Georgy girl."

WOR - A bunch of forlorn-looking New York City kids stand around in fake snow while "Sleigh Ride" plays.

Little Debbie

Singer - Thoughtful hubby gets wife the sewing machine of her dreams. (1977)

ABC John Denver special


ABC “The Nativity” (1978)

Zany Zappers - "Zany Zappers... You can flash someone you know!"

Slinky - The train, the kitten, the cat-a-puller, and some awesone orange shag.(1977)

Star Wars Early Bird Kit - The Holy Grail of 70's toy commercials as far as I'm concerned. There were no toys ready for Christmas when the movie exploded, so you would just get this certificate that you sent in and you'd get the Luke, Leia, Artoo and Chewbacca figures in the mail sometime in early 1978, like I did. Super cool. (1977)

Chutes Away - Only part of the ad, featuring Dick Van Dyke.

Socker Boppers and Silly Sword - Kids are shown thumping their Socker Boppers (giant inflatable boxing gloves) into the other kids' Socker Boppers, never making body contact. Yeah right. Likewise, the Silly Sword is not seen in action at all, as you may as well just imagine the bloody melee that results from giving these weapons to kiddies.

Alvin the Aardvark

Donny & Marie Microphones 1977

Odyssey 2

Weebles - Good Weeble Blimp and Tumblin' Weebles.

Fisher-Price toys - The rolling phone, the hopping frog, etc. (1978)

Crazy Foam

Atari - Jason Hervey and Ronnie Schell play Breakout.

Radio Shack

Two Guys - Toyland, with the Hot Wheels Scorcher Chamber.

Sew Perfect - "Snap in the cassette and sew--Sew Perfect!"

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Boomuzzle - Cheap Perfection rip. (1978)

Starsky & Hutch car (1977)

Spiderman Fluff Flyer - Essentially a Nerf plane with Spiderman stickers on the wings. Has one of those great generic instrumentals under it, very heroic-sounding, even with the wakka-wakka guitar.

Superhero Power Shields - A cardboard shield that shoots propellers. As drugstore toys went, not bad.

Burning Keycars - Meeno Peluce again!

Willi Walker


Tender Lovin’ Kisses

Playworld - Ground Control game, animated ending with familiar jingle: "Playworld, a world of toys, great for girls and great for boys, Playworld, where prices go... so low, low, low, low... loooooooow. Playworld!"

Toy City

Show n’ Tell Viewer

Coleco (1983)

Mr. T doll - "Mr. T! He's got legs that move, he's twelve inches hi-igh! Mr. T! He's got a real cool haircut and a mean, mean look in his eye! He's got arms that move and fists full of rings, you can pretend that Mr. T is real tough and mean--Mr. T! Mr. T!" The excitement of the song is belied by the sight of two boys trying really hard to figure out how to have fun with a Mr. T doll. Mostly they punch it or glare at it.


Fairchild Video Games

Bat-Away - Mel Allen v.o.

Super Puff Basketball

Fluid Fantasy - From Wham-o, it's "the adult's toy." I'm not sure what that means, but I had it as a kid and it was cool as hell. Stoners would probably dig it too.

Tweety & Sylvester bank

SSG Flyer

Princess Make-up - See twelve-year-olds makin' time at the roller disco!

Q-Bert - Animated. (1983)

Astroblast - "You give missles the muscle!" (1978)

Scree-echers Spiderman Vs. The Fly Race Set - I had this. It ruled. But kinda sucked too. (1977)

Collision Crossing - Tyco racing set with the glow-in-the-dark bridge.

Gorgeous Creatures - Very strange toy. Drag queen dolls with animal heads.

Grabbin’ Dragons

Strawberry Shortcake Garden House

Toys R Us 1981

Viewmaster Showbeam Projector

Sound FX Machine

Reggie Jackson Junior Batting Trainer

Charlie’s Angels Van

Barbie Star Traveler Van - With Judy Strangis, best known as Dyna-girl to Dierde Hall's Electra Woman. (1976)

Command Drive Dirt Bike - I had it. It ruled.

Flying Aces - (1975)

Two Guys

Fat Wheels

Weird Doh

SSP Smash-Up Derby

Sonic Ear


Alpha Probe

ABC bumper

Darth Vader case

Puffi Fuzzi Shrinky Dinks

Dukes of Hazzard Finger Racers

Odyssey 2 KC Munchkin - Pac-Man rip-off, subject of well-deserved litigation, and lots of fun.


Magic Sand

See n’ Drive - (1978)

Hulk Rage Cage - Inflate a rubber Hulk until it breaks out of cage. Repeat as desired.

Play Doh Dr. Drill n’ Fill

Beware the Spider

JC Penney

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Bubbler - (1978)

Slime Monster Game - I had it. It ruled. (1977)

Cabbage Patch Dolls


Rubik’s Cube

ET Toys


ET Riders


Mighty Men & Monster Maker

Smurf Crazy Foam

Radio Controlled Hulk

Brush-A-Tune - Hilariously cheap ad for a musical toothbrush which tinkles out a verse of "Talk to the Animals" over and over.

Mr. Potato Head - (1983)


Betty Crocker Shake Machine - (1981)

Duncan Yo-Yo

Strolling Bowling

A Bad Case of Worms - Best toy name ever. (1981)

Toy’s R Us

Alligator game - Scott Schwartz.

Zimm Zamm

Fisher-Price Movie Viewer - (1973)

Magic Show Kit

He-Man Point Dread Talon Fighter

Lemon Twist - Incredibly bad song.

Tuneyville Choo-Choo - Sterling Holloway v.o.


Glow-in-the-Dark Shrinky Dinks

Hook Line & Stinker

Micronauts (1977)

Slinky - Different from the other one on here--this one with lime-green shag carpeting! (1977)

Wonder Woman Dolls (1977)

Pink & Pretty Barbie (1981)

Jordache doll (1981)

ET Atari (1982)

Cosmic Ark (1982)

Empire Strikes Back figures - Zuckuss.

Castle Grayskull

Rough Riders

Hot Wheels (1982)

Nerf Boomerang

Belt Racers - This commercial is just plain odd. Two boys meet on the sidewalk, silently look at each other with big grins, then yank off their belts. The mailman looks on, horrified.

Lip Gloss Lockets (1981)

Fisher-Price Workbench (1981)

Merlin (1981)


Super Balloon


Ms Pac-Man

Glamour Us (1981)

Irwin Sings Sesame Street LP

Eyewitness News Game

Tuff Stuff Basket (1981)

Bargain Hunter

Dizzy Dolphin Disco

Baby Ann set

Talking Garfield the cat doll - (1983)

Smurf Riders




Atari Asteroids

Holly Hobbie

Gimme 5 (1981)

Tobor - "Tobor is robot spelled backward." DFB.

Weeble Tub Sub

Lite Brite - With G.I Joe and Strawberry Shortcake. (1982)


Nintendo Pocket Pinball

Nintendo Spitball Sparky

Charlie’s Angels dolls

Gloworm, Glo Bug, Glo Baby

Pound Puppies

Bionic Woman dolls

Slime It’s Alive - That would be the truly disgusting slime containing eyeballs.(1978)

Operation - The original.

Big Wheel Champion - Has jingle to the tune of "We Are the Champions"!

My Little Pony


Hot Wheels (1979)

Chutes Away - Night Rescue.

Fisher-Price Marching Band

Invader From Space

Up Down Change Around Roller Coaster


AFX Lazer 2000

Strawberry Shortcake Berry Busy Bug - From the SS Miniatures line. (1982)

Radio Flyer


Master Caster

Bank Shot (1980)

Fisher-Price Jetport


Digital Derby


White Plains Galleria

Yo Ball



Intellivision II


Fred Meyer - Long segment from KOIN "commercial-free" 1981 or 1982 showing of "Miracle on 34th Street."


Cher gives holidays wishes (Solid Gold Christmas Special, 1982)

Sheena Easton (SGCS)

Old Spice

Barry Manilow (SGCS)

Lionel Richie (SGCS)

Eddie Rabbit (SGCS)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Other Tapes in My Collection

Here's a list of stuff I have with original commercials and also commercial compilations...

Donny and Marie Christmas Shows, 1977 and 1978. Paul Lynde. With original broadcast commercials. ’78 show is a bit garbled for first five or 10 minutes.

The Uncle Floyd Show, random segments, 1977 (?) to 1982 (?). Classic New Jersey “kiddie” show. Has various open and close credits.

Star Wars Holiday Special, 11/17/78. From Baltimore CBS affiliate. The fabled disaster (co-written by Bruce Vilanch!) that George Lucas reportedly despises---his name isn't even on the thing. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Art Carney, Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman, Jefferson Starship. First (animated) appearance of Boba Fett. Mind-boggling. Original commercials.

Miss USA Beauty Pageant, 1979. Bob Barker hosts, with Leif Garrett. Original commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars VI, summer 1979. Original Commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars VII, 11/2/79. With original commercials.

Battle of the Network Stars XV, 1983. Original (Canadian) commercials.

MASH---Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, 1983. Original commercials. From KOIN, Portland. Had bad audio on one VCR I had, others play fine. 2 ½ hours. Also WCBS re-broadcast.

Solid Gold Christmas Special, 1982. From WGN, Chicago. Cheesy but enjoyable countdown of the top 40 Christmas songs, hosted by Marilyn McCoo and Rex Smith. With Crystal Gayle, John Davidson, Sister Sledge, America, and very brief bits by Cher, Lionel Richie, Eddie Rabbitt, and Sheena Easton. Original commercials.

Open All Night, 1981. Two eps with original commercials. One hour. Stars George Dzundza, and one ep has an appearance by pre-Fast Times Judge Reinhold, getting lots of laughs.

70's toy ads. Begins with an hour of 1973-78 Mego ads, with an hour of ads by various companies following. The Mego segment has an industry reel introducing their 1973 line. There are 18 ads for DC and Marvel superhero figures and playsets, six for Planet of the Apes figures and playsets, twelve for Star Trek figures and playsets, plus Action Jackson, Wizard of Oz, Our Gang, Waltons, Happy Days, King Kong, Muhammad Ali, KISS, and more. The rest of the tape has early seventies stuff, including SSP racers, Slip n Slide, Gnip Gnop, Big Jim, Twirly Birds, Barbie, Thingmaker, G.I. Joe, Battleship, Play Doh, Blythe, Snowman Sno-Cone, Don’t Spill the Beans, London Bridge, Ice Bird, Marx Electro-shot Shooting Gallery, Trouble, Inchworm, five Skittle games, and much more. Concludes with a four-minute industry reel for Barbie’s 1972 line.

Kenner Star Wars toys commercials, 1977-1983. This is the tape that has circulated quite a bit. Ricky Schroder is in one ad, and I think there's a very young Christina Applegate in another. It was about 32 minutes, and not great quality, but I have added about twelve more minutes of SW-related ads (not just toys) including some which are doubles but of much higher quality. I also added what is, to me, the Holy Grail of SW toy commercials, the Star Wars Early Bird Kit--the certificate you mailed in to get the first four figures. Nagamaro! (Oh yeah, I also added a Mark Hamill "Great Space Coaster" appearance from 1981. The man can act with a puppet like no other.)

Random 70's/80's commercials, volumes 1-14. Each volume is an incredible hodge-podge of local, regional and national ads, with station id’s, bits of local newscasts and other goodies throughout.

Saturday morning commercials, two volumes. Volume One starts with some 1978 stuff, then goes eighties. Volume Two is all eighties. Kind of repetitive in places, they still offer up tons of goodies, like a couple of CBS "In the News" segments, with that percolating, computery music, plus some Schoolhouse Rock, Bod Squad, Smurfs segments, and lots more.

Seventies Stuff. Too much to list—classic show openings (sitcoms, cartoons, Krofft), classic commercials for toys and cereals, musical segments, even the entire opening segment of the infamous Brady Bunch Variety Hour… Guaranteed to please any 70’s nostophile! Okay, I'll list some...
Openings to Isis, Shazam, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Hong Kong Phooey, Superfriends & Challenge of the Superfriends, Osmonds cartoon, Banana Splits, The Rookies, SWAT, Space Academy, Groovie Ghoulies, much much more.
Commercials for Freakies, Micronauts, Big Jim, Twister, many more. Great companion piece with my own 70's compilation...

Outerscope One. (PBS, Vegetable Soup segments). This is a compilation of just these puppet segments, about kids building a rocketship in their backyard. Strange. Has original VS open. Not sure of length.

Animated Commercials, 50’s-70’s. All kinds of products and cartoon stars, including Fred Flintstone selling cigarettes and Mr. Magoo selling beer. Quisp, Funny Face, Mr. Bubble, Disney, Bullwinkle, Frito Bandito, Ipana, and much more. 90 minutes.

MORE! Yep, I have tons more, tapes scrounged up from garage sales and so forth, with original commercials, that I have yet to get catalogued and up on here. I swear, someday. Until that day, here's a link to my regular blog with as complete a list as I've compiled...